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Thriving amid content chaos

How vendors should be supporting you to make better use of your content.

Helen Marshall Chief Learning Officer

Things are no longer under control

It’s no secret that one of the challenges organisations face is content overload. Filtered recently published a blog detailing how AI and intelligence-informed platforms could be the key to solving this problem, and touted how the use of intelligent filtering and tagging can organise your content and create a manageable strategy. 

This is definitely a tool to help ease the problem, but it’s not the whole solution. That’s why we still scroll through Netflix wasting time looking through hundreds of titles trying to find something to watch. 

Plenty of platforms that have AI-based recommendation and curation tools are being used, but the problem still remains. That’s why we believe it starts with you. A human-informed strategy is key to overcoming that content shock, not just an AI one. We don’t solely rely on algorithms and data to make our decisions in any area of our life, we listen to others, receive recommendations and build social trust amongst our peers. Content is no different.

That's why Content Club is that human service wrapped around your learning library to navigate and avoid getting lost in hundreds of resources 🚀.

Your platform and its AI capabilities are just the tools that you and your vendor need to use together to overcome the content chaos.

Vendors have to take the brunt of the blame for this situation, don’t you think? For many years content has been sold as the magic cure-all bullet to multiple organisational, people, or process problems, and companies have been left with stacks of disorganised files (and let’s be clear, they’re probably SCORM files). 

It’s catch 22 for L&D teams

There’s a catch 22 at play though as L&D teams don’t have time to review their historical content because they’re often too busy creating more content, which they’ll then need to review later, but guess what? Yep, you’ve got it! In this situation I think there’s a couple of things, we as suppliers, are ultimately responsible for. That’s making sure our customers are getting the best out of our products in line with their specific needs and making content management easy - queue our Learning & Skills Platform and Content Club.

Re-use, curate, create, or buy?

One part of a workshop THRIVE runs with our clients when we’re setting up their Learning & Skills Platform is all around getting people to figure out what problems they’re trying to solve, and what outcomes they need. This then filters into figuring out which of these results can be achieved via content. Once they’ve figured that part out we ask them to define what to ‘reuse, curate, create or buy’. Granted it can be a huge task, but if you’re about to set up a new platform - when would you get a better chance? We can then support them to use our Content Club more effectively because we know what the outcomes need to be. 

A shift in thinking away from content creators to content curators within organisations is pivotal here, too. Identifying how you’re going to keep on top of what you have access to - like subscriptions - has to be a defined element of a role somewhere. The ROI here seems easy to prove if you’re physically stopping anyone spending more money on content creation because you simply know you have something that will already meet the need.

THRIVE makes content curation easy

But back to my point about the responsibilities content vendors have. It borders on unethical to me, for individuals to purchase licences for huge catalogues (I’m talking thousands upon thousands of resources) to simply be left to it. So I’d question why, if we know that L&D teams are up against it, and we know that people don’t always have time to figure stuff out by themselves, and we know that there are challenges beyond what are revealed to us, then why oh why would any self-respecting vendor just leave someone to it (unless obviously explicitly told to do so!). The shift from more to less is pertinent, but either way it needs to be relevant and tailored to the need.

Work out your strategy with the help of Content Club

As part of the service we offer with Content Club we work through your strategies and understand your values. We take the time to figure out what is driving the business, and start to narrow down the content options. We then make recommendations based on this, and help to plan campaigns to focus on the right content at the right time. This is done on a regular basis. To us, this is a fundamental part of the service we offer and it still baffles us that other content vendors don’t take a more strategic approach to their offerings.

Content intelligence is definitely the future, but for now being content smart is the start.

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