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The global casino-entertainment company transformed their learning strategy by uncovering and understanding the impact of their initiatives.

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A partnership based on culture

Bally's is a leading, global, online gaming operator operating across a number of locations. As their number of learners increased, the L&D team set out on a mission to let go of outdated learning processes and focus on delivering a modern, engaging learning experience for their workforce.

With a closely aligned mission to meet the needs of the modern learner, THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform was chosen to help deliver a scalable, social and user-driven learning strategy.

Driving up engagement

Scalability was important to the team at Bally’s as the workforce grew, which meant that learner engagement was a key metric to see how effective the new Learning & Skills Platform was, and previous learning technologies and training initiatives hadn’t achieved the levels of engagement that the team was hoping for.

Shortly after implementing THRIVE, the team quickly saw an increase in levels of adoption and users exploring the platform, and feedback from the learners showed that the user experience of the platform was key to this.

Streamlining the onboarding experience

As such a large organisation, successful onboarding at Bally’s is a crucial part of the overall employee experience. With the THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform in place, new hires were given access to all the information they needed, packaged up in a way that made it personalised and relevant to them.

In addition, they were able to explore the platform based on their own interests and aspirations. Feedback from managers showed that new hires felt informed rather than overwhelmed, and the result was that they were up to speed and performing much quicker than previously.

The power of user-generated content

As part of their move to a more modern learning experience, Bally’s was keen to remove the top-down, manager-led approach to delivering learning and instead give their learners the tools and permissions to upload their own content to share with their peers. The results spoke for themselves, and within the first month following implementation, over 100 pieces of content had been uploaded and shared within the workforce. 

Proving real ROI

With a lean L&D team and tight resources available, it was important for Bally’s that they were able to prove the impact that the new Learning & Skills Platform was having on the business. The results were clear early on, and they found that within the first two months of using THRIVE to deliver their learning, the average cost per learning hour had been halved. 

Bringing in DATA LAB

Bringing in the THRIVE platform meant that Bally’s team had a lot more data on their learners and how they were engaging with learning initiatives. But lacking an inhouse way of interpreting the data meant a missed opportunity to make more informed decisions and add more value. So they brought in DATA LAB to help. For a fraction of the cost of an analyst, they found that the DATA LAB team were able to help them make the switch from basic reporting to addressing real business challenges through their learning strategies. 

Looking to the future

Bally’s is a large organisation which is scaling fast and continuously having to adapt to industry changes and trends. With those challenges at the forefront, the L&D team is focusing on ensuring their people are upskilling in the right areas and equipped to meet the needs of their clients. They plan to continue to build on their modern approach, using THRIVE’s engaging user experience to deliver targeted and personalised learning to their global workforce.

Matty Hogarth Learning & Development Manager @ Bally's


"THRIVE are all about the modern learner and letting go of unhelpful learning practices, bringing in new research and new insight to ultimately deliver better learning experiences for what we know the modern learner needs. And we're about that in our organisation as well."

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