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The contract caterers transformed their training offering for 2,000 business leaders and managers through THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform..

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A purpose-powered transformation

Elior is one of the UK’s leading contract caterers and an award-winning people business with teams right across the UK. Their purpose? ‘To enrich lives, everywhere, every day.’ Earlier this year, Elior set out to do just that by transforming their training offering for 2,000 business leaders and managers; using the digital space to create a modern, engaging experience that would put learning at the forefront of leadership.

Out with the old

Before moving to THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform Elior’s training was mapped out across a quarterly calendar of face-to-face events that the L&D team travelled up and down the UK to deliver.

Although they had communications platforms, there was no digital learning platform in place, and even before the pandemic struck, the impracticalities of physical, classroom-style learning began to show. Busy schedules and other commitments meant numbers started to dwindle, and for those who did attend, it was difficult to retain a whole day’s worth of learning.

A modern, social solution

In a webinar we ran with Wendy Elliott, L&D Manager at Elior, she spoke about their challenge to bring personal development into the 21st century by creating a digital space for self-driven, sustainable learning. They wanted an Learning and Skills Platform, not an LMS; a platform that enabled social interaction between their locations and blew any e-learning fatigue out the water. Because by widening the opportunities for people to access training materials in a format that suits their learning style, Elior could stay one step ahead in the race to recruit, retain and develop the industry’s best talent. So, they started to speak to providers.


Wendy told us Elior loved the relationship they built with the THRIVE team, as well as the look and feel, ease of use and overall user experience of THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform. 

Of course, because this was their first Learning and Skills Platform, they wanted to be doubly sure they were making the right decision. That’s where our case studies with household names and organisations in a similar position came in, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How are Elior's people thriving today?

After an onboarding process that Wendy described as “incredibly well organised” and a punchy, loud, visual comms plan to create a buzz before go-live, THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform was launched to 2,000 business leaders and managers at Elior. Now, every learner receives a completely personalised experience based on their audiences, skills and interests, with THRIVE's algorithms promoting tailored content through the ‘recommended for you’ section on the homepage. Prebuilt pathways ensure learning is always relevant and meaningful, and with 600+ resources, all under 10 minutes long, Elior’s leaders have immediate access to a huge range of formal and informal training, as and when they need it. Elior’s manager guides that encourage daily and weekly development tasks have been the most popular content, achieving 9,092 views since being published in May 2021. 

Content power to the people

User-generated content was something Elior were really keen to enable and promote through THRIVE. They wanted to make sure learning wasn’t driven solely by the L&D team, so those with a strong understanding of the day-to-day ‘frontline’ challenges had a platform to share their knowledge and advice. 

It was a slow burner at first, Wendy told us, but after highlighting, shouting out and rewarding the people at Elior who were comfortable producing and sharing content, others began to share articles, video clips, links to TED Talks and other useful resources. Since launching in May 2021, they now have 1,513 pieces of content on the site that learners can comment on and discuss, connecting Elior’s UK-wide teams.

Engaging Elior

Wendy told us Elior’s number one engagement tactic has been ‘THRIVE Thursday’; a mail drop to every THRIVE user, every Thursday, signposting them to key pieces of content for that week. The data backs that up, too, with the impression analytics dashboard showing ‘notifications’ as the most popular channel. A campaign-led approach has also proved popular with Elior’s learners, and they’ve already used THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform to run campaigns on gender diversity, recognition and feedback, modern slavery, Natasha’s Law, and a ‘Womentoring’ initiative that received a brilliant response from the business.

Wendy Elliott Learning & Development Manager at Elior


"We’ve had people saying, “We should have done this years ago. This is the best thing Elior has launched in a long time.” The engagement levels tell me all I need to know; it’s been incredibly well-received."

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