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Great Places upgraded from Totara LMS to THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform and saved a third of time onboarding new employees.

Great Places Housing Group LXP

A workforce shift

Great Places Housing Group LXP

Great Places Housing Group is one of the fastest-growing housing association groups in the UK. A profit for purpose organisation, they provide rented homes and accommodation services that promote independence and wellbeing for some of our communities most vulnerable people. With over 700 employees, Great Places attracts talent from all over the country. The launch of their new apprenticeship and graduate programme, Growing Greatness, saw Great Places experience a generational shift in their workforce.

They decided to review the technology they use across the company and asked for feedback on their previous Totara LMS during their onboarding process. Employees felt the learning platform was outdated, difficult to use and it didn’t provide an instinctive user experience.

They wanted to upgrade their onboarding and provide a platform that would impress new starters, offer an intuitive experience and provide a platform that reflected the social and collaborative learning culture they had in the business.

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Going from a traditional LMS to THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform

Great Places wanted to move away from a learning platform that encouraged a solely compliance-based culture and implement something that encouraged social learning. Their vision was to create a knowledge base for employees, where they could easily contribute and share content themselves.

They chose THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform to completely replace their Totara LMS as it was the only learning platform that could perfectly match social learning features with the traditional LMS functionality they needed. 

With the variety of roles at Great Places they needed to offer a completely unique learning experience for every learner. Personalisation and machine learning are central to THRIVE which means their employees are recommended different content based on their skills and interests.

The ability to look and feel like a social media platform ticked the boxes for Great Places. THRIVE is powerfully easy to use and the team didn’t want a learning platform that needed detailed instructions to be able to use it. 

Great Place’s migration process was straightforward and seamless, THRIVE’s converter tool imported all their existing content and user data and ran it through their personalisation engine. So, from day one their learners were only seeing content that’s relevant to them.

Transforming onboarding and induction training

Great Places Housing Group LXP induction

Great Places partnered up with Equity which took their employee count from 600 people to 725, so they needed an efficient way to onboard over a hundred new staff members at once. Using THRIVE they converted their face to face onboarding programme into a digital learning pathway in just two weeks. It included a range of curated and created content such as welcome and meet the team videos, resources that shared their values and vision, customer success stories and lots more.

By utilising the comments and question features, their new learners had the ability to communicate and interact with new and existing employees throughout their journey. They found over 70% of new starters were engaging in discussions or replying to content.

This digital process saved the team a third of the time onboarding new starters and allows them to easily review, adapt and evolve the journey as the company grows.

Results and impact at Great Places Housing Group

171%increase in engagement compared to their previous LMS

50%L&D budget saved since switching

3,083%increase in average content completions per month

33%of time saved onboarding new employees

Bringing social learning to life

THRIVE has helped Great Places bring a social learning culture to life in just a few months. In just a few months. Since launch, there’s been a monumental shift in behavioural change as learners are engaging with 3,083% more content than their previous LMS. 

“Since switching from Totara LMS we’ve seen some amazing results; 171% increase in engagement, saved 1/3 of time onboarding, 3,083% increase in average content completions and saved half of our annual L&D budget. It’s safe to say we’ve never looked back!” - Naomi Edwards, L&D Administrator at Great Places Housing Group

Generating engagement has been a campaign-led approach for the team at Great Places. They have leveraged THRIVE’s campaigns feature to promote and run a range of learning initiatives including wellbeing support, Black History Month, working and managing teams from home and even keeping the kids entertained during lockdown. 

Going forward, Great Places plan to continue driving engagement through campaigns that employees can get involved in and are going to start running competitions that utilise the points and gamification elements of their learning experience platform. 

L&D Administrator at Great Places Housing Group

Naomi Edwards L&D Administrator at Great Places Housing Group

Great Places

"THRIVE was the only platform where we can get the best of both worlds. We can monitor and tailor compliance training but provide a social learning experience too."

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