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How Huel, the UK’s 7th fastest growing company, onboards at speed.

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Sustaining quick growth

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Huel is nutritionally complete food that focuses on health and convenience for their customers whilst having minimal impact on animals and the environment. In 2021, Huel was named the 7th fastest growing UK company on The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 with annual sales rising by over 130%. With all the excitement of growth, it was clear to Vicki Bacon, People Manager at Huel that they needed a new way to scale onboarding to new starters wherever they’re working, record and manage compliance and help their people develop the critical skills they need to “hustle hard, work fast” one of Huel’s core values.


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The team at Huel saw THRIVE as the perfect solution to solve their challenges and more. They soon realised they had the opportunity to create a one-stop-shop for learning as well as content and communication, which would be essential to power employee engagement. With Huel’s “speedboat not oil tanker” approach to working, speed of implementation was important to them when choosing a supplier and they saw a perfect fit in an exciting company that would grow as they do. Just like that, we partnered up with Vicki and the team to create Huel Learn!

Transforming onboarding

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Huel Learn was the answer to scale their onboarding experience and get new Hueligans up to speed quickly whilst maintaining the quality and consistency of training. Vicki and the People Team at Huel built a world class onboarding pathway on THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform full of content that instantly makes new starters feel part of the team wherever they might be working, this has saved time for their people across the board, Vicki commented: "We're really pleased that it’s saved time for our Hueligans - cutting down on time spent answering the same questions over and over has all been achieved through creating our own content to counter these and form part of the onboarding process.”

Learning campaigns

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Huel’s modern L&D strategy takes a marketing approach that encourages learning to be more campaign and culture driven. Utilising the campaigns feature in THRIVE, the team can promote focus topics and important talking points for their Hueligan’s to engage with. Whether it’s financial wellbeing, international women's day or sustainability week, campaigns link all the content together in one place and showcase it front and centre of their team's homepage. Vicki commented: “Campaigns are how we drive engagement at Huel. They take some of the noise away from other platforms that we might have used like Slack, our all-hands meetings and traditional email."

There is so much potential with Huel Learn and I’m really excited about what we can do with it. We really are living one of our values to the full being better than yesterday.  THRIVE - honorary Hueligan!”

- Vicki Bacon, People Manager at Huel

Results since launch

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Since launch Huel learn has achieved 88% active users and shared over 1,600 pieces of content. It has become their all in one place for learning, content and communication, which has made collaboration, personal development and real time learning more accessible for all Hueligans. There are plenty more inspirational learning campaigns and engagement initiatives coming up for Huel and the team is on track to hit their 90% active users KPI this month.

People Manager at Huel

Vicki Bacon People Manager at Huel

Huel LXP

"Two things at the heart of what we do at Huel are to share insights, knowledge and skills as a whole team and continually improve systems and processes so they can be efficient for our needs. THRIVE allows us to perform both of these functions perfectly."

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