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Our new Skills Platform ready-built within THRIVE

What’s included in the new Skills platform built within THRIVE?

THRIVE now has the capability to identify skills from the ground up, understand new skills as they organically emerge and measure the supply and demand of skills with powerful analytics.  

This brings a set of new features to the platform including skills progression and levels, the ability to set and manage goals as well as recognise each other’s skills through giving kudos to your colleagues.

What is an agile skills strategy?

An agile skills strategy is an ongoing, iterative plan that focuses on the language people use for development. It sets out to understand the skills a business has, the future skills it needs to fill the gap and adapt to changing requirements and breaks them down into more achievable, adaptable and measurable goals.

Is Skills & Goals going to be an extra cost to THRIVE customers?

Not at all. We believe skills are a key part to creating a consolidated learning experience for  you and your people. It’s already yours for the taking.  

How do we access the new features?

We’ve been strategically working towards this new approach, with incremental changes towards a new way of working with skills. The release of the new Learn and Profile pages will be a major milestone on this journey, with upgraded Goals and Skill Levels being released together to round out the change.  

The Skill Levels feature will be completely configurable and can be turned on whenever it’s the right time for you. 

We already have a skills platform, how does this differ?

You may already have another skills platform or talent management platform which is being used to track skills in a more formal way such as through talent reviews with managers or scraping data from job descriptions. 

THRIVE provides a different lens on skills, an “agile Skills Strategy”, with a focus on current and new trends within your organisation and insight into what skills you may need to offer more support for in future months. You can therefore absolutely use this insight alongside a more formal skills platform and strategy.

We already have a skills platform, can they integrate?

Yes, we’re working on new APIs for Skills and Skill Levels that will enable synchronisation of talent data between your systems.

How does this work with our existing competency framework?

THRIVE will support up to 10 skill levels, which means the vast majority of Competency  Frameworks can be represented within the platform as a set of shared skills.

What if we’re worried we’re not ready for Skills?

THRIVE has always allowed users to track their skills and list emerging skills against their profile,  the new features won’t change this model or require you to do any more administration. 

The more detailed Skill Levels mechanism will be entirely configurable meaning you can keep  things simple as long as you like.

Will THRIVE support me in creating a new or updating our skills strategy?

Yes, absolutely. Our Customer Success Team has been preparing resources and materials to support you in creating or updating your skills strategy to take full advantage of THRIVE and the new platform we’ve built in.

What’s next after the first release?

We’ll continue to work with you to get feedback on how the new features are working and  implement enhancements based on that feedback.  

We see a number of exciting opportunities with this new Skills Platform and are exploring  features such as verified Mentoring and Coaching, as well as routes to making skills  development an even more collaborative and personalised experience.

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