“The new us”

A letter from Sean Reddington

Dear reader —

Back in 2019, we set out to change people’s perception of workplace learning through intuitive and Instagram-inspired experiences.

Since launching as one of the first ever LXPs, we’ve teamed up with countless customers like Vitality, Vodafone, Sky, The Ordinary and Dunelm to be so much more. Together, we’ve built out functionality for skills and internal communication as well as ticking the all-important enterprise LMS boxes we know organisations need. 

That’s led us to today: Proud to be replacing well-established Learning Platforms for global organisations in over 50 countries, and consolidating their tech stack into an all-in-one solution. 

Implementing more and more enterprise customers including Frasers Group, Sysco and Volvo has helped us invest even more back into our people and product development.

In the last year we’ve doubled headcount, recently welcoming top industry talent, including Leanne Ainsworth, Operations Director, Gary Evans, VP of Customer Success, Ian O'Rourke, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, and Jose Hernandez, Global Head of Support, who join us from Cornerstone.

We’ve also welcomed  Stacey Osime, Head of Project Management Operations, Mark Aberdour, Vice President of Tech & Engineering and Ian Bromwich, Chief Technical Officer who joins us with 20+ years experience as HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group’s Chief Information Officer.

Alongside our team and these experienced additions, we’re embarking on an exciting new chapter of innovation, evolution and growth.

A brand new look

Today marks a huge milestone. We're not just announcing the launch of Thrive's new user-interface, which includes the ability to enable dark mode across the entire Learning Platform, but welcoming a complete overhaul to accompany this fresh new look.  

Say goodbye to the orange, and welcome a whole new brand.

The driving force behind this change was threefold: firstly, to emulate the slick, dark and agency-like feel of Thrive’s new UI. 

Secondly, to continue to stand out. At Learning Technologies earlier in the year, we noticed the same old thing: tonnes of vendors overlapping with messaging, fonts and colours. So, we took what we couldn’t see in a sea of exhibition stands and used that as inspiration for what’s to come.

Lastly, the timing - it just feels right! At this point in our growth journey, it’s all about maturity. We’ll never forget where we came from, and at the core of Thrive are the same principles, people (lots of whom we started with 5 years ago) and heart.

Tripled investment in innovation.  

We love a big bang, so we couldn’t end it there. It’s with these changes that we’re also excited to announce Thrive’s innovation roadmap. With our Co-Founder Mark laser-focussed on product vision, we’ve nearly tripled investment in tech resource and product development.

With this investment, we’ll be enhancing our skills functionality to encourage skill sharing, in turn empowering experts within your organisation to coach and mentor. The upskilling and goal setting journey is about to become even more collaborative for your learners!

We’re also introducing AI-powered tools that will make it easier than ever to find answers, generate intuitive reporting solutions and author new content. This applies the lessons we've learned from harnessing its productivity power ourselves (maybe even in this letter) in a secure and safe way for our customers.

Thrive Content   

Last but not least, Content. We’ve listened to our customers who, as part of their wrap-around service, are requesting more sector-specific titles relevant to the world they operate in. When collaborating with customers such as Homebase, Dudley Council and DPD, the idea clicked into place: to create a collection of Sector Suites that are completely personalised to each industry.

This new, consolidated approach to Content will see us keep our Core Content library, full of skills for work and life, while enabling us to give customers a new subscription offering that unlocks more personalisation, relevant compliance topics and Subject Matter Experts.

All of this allows us to elevate Thrive to the next level, and I can't wait for you to see the new us in action. 

Let's embark on this next chapter together.