“The Innovation Era”

A letter from Sean Reddington

Dear reader,

It’s no secret, AI is everywhere.  Whether it’s making my kid's bedtime stories far more exciting (if you haven’t tried this, you need to), crafting OKRs or even using it to break the back of this letter… 

Whatever its use, it’s already so embedded in helping us do more, effortlessly -- and that’s what Thrive is all about, right?

The mission to be the world’s most innovative, all-in-one learning solution hasn’t changed. 

However, new technologies have unlocked ways to totally transform the possibilities of innovation. We’ve spent months researching and developing how AI will elevate the learning platform you know and love, and today is just the start… 

This year alone we’ve invested in top talent to drive our innovation agenda forward, this includes Koreen Pagano, Chief Product Officer, who joins us having spent 20 years leading product teams at Degreed and LinkedIn Learning, as well as Niloufar Zarin, Head of AI, who’s experience at the likes of Dyson heading up Machine Learning is seriously impressive. 

The Product Roadmap Koreen and Niloufar have crafted with the team is incredibly exciting and today we’re so thrilled to unveil what you can expect this year from Thrive AI and beyond.

Introducing Thrive AI

It’s so important to drive the responsible use of AI within Thrive to tackle L&D challenges. In a survey of customers, you highlighted AI opportunities such as; content creation, time-saving efficiencies, personalisation, reporting and skills. 

It’s insights like these, coupled with events such as our Innovation Panel Roundtables, which saw over 70 customers volunteer to generate ideas and feedback on product, that have shown us where to invest our tech resource - which has tripled from last year to bring you what we think is going to change the game;

Thrive AI Authoring Tool - With a background in content, I’m buzzing about how far we can push the boundaries of our new Authoring Tool built within Thrive. You’ll be able to collaborate on content creation, integrate with market-leading tools like Loom, Notion and Vimeo, use generative AI to script content in seconds, translate it, play audio learning and use our content health checker to ensure quality. 

The possibilities are endless and it’s only getting better, get your sneak peek from Matt, our Head of Product here. 

WhatsApp Coach - Thrive AI will talk to your learning content and the team’s been working hard on some never-before-seen proof of concepts together that would support your users to use tools like WhatsApp to chat their way to the right answers. 

Dynamic Search - We’re developing deeper user insights, smarter search and instant, personalised answers that are trained on your company’s entire knowledge base. 

Social learning - User-generated content has been a huge part of our product from day one. We’re now making it easier than ever to share and save timely content as well as moderate it’s quality. 

With these initial focus areas and an incredible ‘AI future thinking’ pipeline in the making, we truly believe Thrive AI will help your people learn better, upskill faster and get instant answers when they need them.

Bringing you Thrive Custom Content

You asked. You got it. This week also sees the launch of Thrive Custom Content - tailor-made learning content that’s designed, built, mapped and delivered on your learning platform, in your branding and just for your business. 

Our Content Team have been busy collaborating with customers such as Anthony Nolan, DPD and Oliver James to create bespoke learning experiences that we’ve scripted, created and built directly into pathways on Thrive complete with engaging tasks and activities to measure the true impact of your learning programmes. 

This content service is exclusive to Thrive Platform Customers only, so please reach out to your Account Director to find out more and see what we can do for your upcoming learning initiatives. 

Driving success with Professional Services

The commitment to your success doesn't end there!

We’ve recognised that we’re all having to do more with less and L&D teams aren’t getting any bigger - it’s clear an extra pair of hands and a team to lean on can make all the difference. 

So, this year we bring you Professional Services, an experienced team of experts, who will get to know your individual needs and provide tailored support to meet your learning goals. 

This includes a range of exciting new one-time services you can tap into, such as our System Administrators who can take care of those important admin tasks and free you up to focus on strategic projects, or even your own dedicated and named Support Expert - yep you can now WhatsApp the Support Team in your time of need!

Find out more about Professional Services.

These launches mark a new era of continued innovation and growth making your and your user's experiences better than ever. And I can’t wait for you to get your hands on what’s new.

As always, any questions, let me know, I always love hearing from you.   

Sean Reddington, CEO, Thrive