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Product Roadmap

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AI Powered Content Authoring Tool

Empowering people to create learning content more efficiently and effectively, our AI powered tool will create truly blended experiences which are engaging and perfect for sharing. AI integrations will make the authoring process slick and scalable.

Improved reporting and analytics dashboards 

Enhanced reporting will give even more capabilities to custom-tailor reports for a wide range of users. Soon you’ll be able to create different dashboards that are tailored to different functions in your organisation, before granting different users access to these dashboards. Bespoke L&D data can be shared across your business, easily and concisely.

Advanced and AI- powered content search 

AI-powered content search will improve search performance, and is optional for customers to turn on. This innovative feature uses generative AI that will drive even better search results and in-window answers to your learners - without needing to leave the window.

Export compliance certificates 

Certificates will give you the functionality to be able to provide immediate feedback to your learners, allowing them to verify the completion of a course or pathway that helped them gain specific knowledge and skills.

Learner digest notifications 

Just like the Manager's digest, your learners will be able to automate a summary of their learning and skills progress and email it directly to their inbox.

Coaching and mentoring 

With Coaching and Mentoring, you’ll be able to link your learners up with the right subject-matter experts to support goal setting, staying on track and steering your colleagues towards success in their roles and beyond.