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Innovation roadmap

Learning that’s driven by innovation and the Thrive core principles.

AI Powered Content Authoring Tool

Empowering people to create learning content more efficiently and effectively, our AI powered tool will create truly blended experiences which are engaging and perfect for sharing. AI integrations will make the authoring process slick and scalable.

Future features

AI content authoring - Automate production, scale tagging and embed quality checks to keep new and existing content on point.

Content experience - Integrate the best resources from a range of sources to create dynamic experiences which offer flexibility and personalisation.

Social learning - Making it easier than ever to share knowledge and resources with others, the posting experience will be supported with enhanced sharing settings to offer autonomy for users and reassurance for administrators.


Powering productivity with AI

With 75% of organisations considering bans on AI due to privacy concern, how do we ensure we make AI business ready? Thrive will use bespoke models fully hosted within our own private cloud that continually update to reflect your changing business. This AI model will also be trained on each customers individual context, knowledge and needs.

Future features

Save time with summaries - Generate nano-learning summaries for all your resources and content types.

Search experience - Get answers to your questions without even having to access resources.

AI suggested goals - Automate the creation of pathways and goals with recommended suggestions based on individuals prompts, profile and behaviour. 

Zero-effort diagnostic assessments - Assess learning and skills through auto-generated quizzes and assessments.


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Coaching and mentoring

Thrive's innovation doesn't end with our ability to progress skills and support learners in meeting their objectives. With Coaching and Mentoring, you’ll be able to link your learners up with the right subject-matter experts to support goal setting, staying on track and steering your colleagues towards success in their roles and beyond.

Future features

Connect people to each other: Thrive’s new Connect page makes it easy to find experts and mentors wherever you’re working.

Empower SMEs to mentor your people: Tried and tested templates will reduce time required by coaches and mentors to set objectives and make it easy to upskill and carve out targets others.

Make it easy to set goals: Find mentors and quickly join goals in order to boost your skills.