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THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform turns digital learning and internal communications into addictive, human experiences that change behaviour and drive change.

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Work smarter with automated campaigns

THRIVE mobile app, campaigns

Create a buzz and celebrate important events with automated learning campaigns. Build themes, schedule content, create challenges and more. All you need to do is set it up and let it roll.

Measure engagement and drive performance

THRIVE analytics dashboard

Learning has a direct impact on performance and THRIVE helps you prove it. Our Learning & Skills Platform measures the effectiveness of learning, giving you actionable data to continuously evolve, engage your learners and demonstrate the impact of L&D on bottomline results.

Make learning addictive with gamification

Gamification, users, followers, achievements, skills, kudos

The reward and recognition features in our Learning & Skills Platform keep your people coming back for more. Boost employee engagement in a meaningful way with configurable points, badges, levelling and leaderboards that challenge your learners to complete activities, achieve more and earn rewards.

Keep your learners coming back for more

All the features you need to make learning addictive



Create a buzz with scheduled learning campaigns.


Rewards and recognition

Meaningful gamification and points keep learners motivated.



A unique experience for every learner.


Machine learning

Using behavioural data, THRIVE learns what your users want to see.


Intuitive UX and enjoyable UI

Powerfully simple for end users.


Search trends and analytics

Actionable data to fill in your content gaps.


Open API

Seamlessly integrate with other tools to build your ecosystem.



Auto-detects language preferences including German, French, Dutch and more.


Mobile app

THRIVE anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Loved by learners and L&D teams

Director of L&D at Yopa

Angela Toghill Director of L&D at Yopa

"This platform blows ANY other previous iterations of online learning out of the water. It’s cutting edge, it’s cool and more importantly, people love being on there! Already the feedback and engagement is fantastic!"

5 stars

Meet modern expectations with the Content Club's resources

Get more series

Get more series

Our Get More Series is a collection of resources designed to help your team get more out of their work and personal lives, leaving them happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

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Hot topics


Learning doesn't have to be confined to business trends or skill gaps. This resource is inspired by what's going on in the world around us; topical events, popular culture and current affairs.

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Digital Skills microlearning

Digital skills

Help your people work collaboratively online, boost their digital confidence and ensure no one gets left behind.

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