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Making sure your learning experience is as seamless as possible is essential. That’s why we continuously create easy integrations with a whole host of products and services to help you work smarter and your tech stack work harder.

Our Integrations

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Effortlessly populate your Learning & Skills Platform with 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses. With THRIVE’s powerful analytics tools, you can track user engagement and course completions, all in one place. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Increase your visibility, drive meaningful engagement and make learning part of the day-to-day in your organisation with our seamless Microsoft Teams integration.



You asked, we listened. Share content in a flash and reach users where work happens with our Slack integration. Never miss an update and keep relevant teams informed of the latest goings-on with our easy-to-implement Slack integration.



Combine Workday HCM’s toolset for monitoring skills, identifying gaps and planning recruitment with THRIVE’s powerful, personalised Learning and Skills Platform to create a seamless, up-to-date experience over both solutions. 



We’ve partnered with Questionmark to make enterprise-grade assessment easy and intuitive. We’ve met complex regulatory requirements for some of the world’s biggest brands, so, if you’re looking to deliver compliance assessments in a fun, personalised way, look no further than THRIVE.


Unsplash Image Suggestions

Use Unsplash’s 1,000,000+ free images to keep your Learning & Skills Platform looking sleek. Our native Unsplash image integration suggests the most relevant images for you to use with each piece of content.



Unlock the power of OpenSesame’s 22,000+ courses at the click of a button with THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform. 

Microsoft Azure, Google GSuite, OKTA

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Making sure your users have easy access to content is key to increasing engagement, so we have implemented multiple SSO integrations such as SAML 2 (used by Microsoft Azure AD, Google GSuite, Microsoft ADFS, OKTA, PingID, OneLogin and Shibboleth) and OpenID Connect.

Identity Management

Identity Management

Save the hassle of having multiple accounts for different systems by easily importing the identities of your users using SCIM 2, web hook systems and bespoke integrations available at additional cost.

Salesforce logo


Easily integrate with the most used CRM system in the world and bring your customer relationship management content seamlessly into your THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform.

Power BI logo

Power BI

We are all about data here at THRIVE and offer full integration with Microsoft Power BI, so you can see exactly what and how your users are learning.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 logo

Microsoft Dynamic 365

THRIVE data is completely integrable with Microsoft Dynamic 365 so you can populate your CRM/ERP platform with data from your learners!

Microsoft SharePoint logo

Microsoft SharePoint

Use SharePoint to handle your documents? No problem! You can easily transfer documents between THRIVE and SharePoint, so your learners get the most up to date content possible.

HubSpot logo


Whether you are using HubSpot as a CRM, website management tool, email automation or all of the above, our Learning & Skills Platform can easily integrate with HubSpot.

Google Drive logo

Google Drive

No more painstakingly downloading files from your Google Drive to upload to your learning management system! Share files from Google Drive to THRIVE in a flash.

Atlassian Jira logo

Atlassian Jira

For teams using Atlassian Jira to track and document development progress, THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform can be the sole hub for learning how to implement quick fixes with a full Jira integration.

WordPress logo


Whether it’s a blog, a product page or any other form of content, share it from the world’s most popular CMS with ease to your Learning and Skills Platform.

Airtable logo


Using Airtable to create flexible and accessible databases for your content? We seamlessly integrate with Airtable so you can quickly and easily populate your learning platform.

Netsuite logo


Utilise Netsuite’s impressive range of enterprise features to streamline your Learning and Skills Platform and keep your learners learning in the flow of work.



Level up your customer experience by linking your Zendesk account to THRIVE, and allow your customer success team to learn from each other how best to help your customers. logo


Organisation is key to learning effectively. That’s why we offer full integration with, so you can share data between where your team organises and learns.

SuccessFactors logo


Combine THRIVE’s hyper personalised feel and skill tracking systems with the HR capabilities of one of the biggest HCM suites in the world.

Google Big Query logo

Google Big Query

Using Google BigQuery’s data warehouse capabilities to store your learning data? Not to worry, we have easily integrated multiple of our customers data so they can switch to THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform with no hiccups.

Tableau logo


Use Tableau’s analytics platform alongside your THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform to visualise exactly how your learners are learning.

Domo logo


Level up your reporting with Domo’s data analysis features, alongside our cutting edge reporting tools to get greater insights into what and how your learners learn.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

Utilise data from the world’s biggest web analytics platform inside your THRIVE platform, and share insights and learnings from your website to your team easily.

Notion logo


If you use Notion’s project management and note-taking features, you can share items to your Learning and Skills Platform easily with our seamless integration.

Dropbox logo


No more downloading and reuploading! Share files directly from Dropbox to your THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform.

OneDrive logo


Share and collaborate quickly with others by syncing your OneDrive files and folders to your Learning and Skills Platform.

Udemy logo


Populate your Learning and Skills Platform with Udemy’s 185000+ courses at the click of a button!



Harness the security of Auth0’s easy to implement, adaptable authentication and authorization platform.

JumpCloud logo


If you are using JumpCloud's simple, cloud based SSO solution, then we can integrate this straight away to your Learning and Skills Platform, to let your learners hit the ground running.



We've joined forces with Blinkist, the world’s #1 microlearning app, to offer a powerful integration allowing users to consume content on the go, with short, mobile-first resources summarising popular books and podcasts.

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