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Great onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%. So, how can you get new starters up to speed quickly whilst maintaining a high-quality, consistent learning experience? Enter THRIVE - the complete Learning & Skills Platform.

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Modern onboarding experiences

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Create personalised learning pathways packed with relevant content and training that’s automatically assigned to your new starters, wherever they’re working. Whether it’s sharing your company values, meeting internal experts or delivering live training, THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform will keep your employees on track and keep you updated with their progress.

Great Places Housing Group

Great Places Housing Group saved 33% of time onboarding new employees and modernised the induction experience for their apprentices and graduates.

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Great Places Housing Group

Skills: Get ahead. Stay ahead

THRIVE mobile app - level up your learning

Powered by real-time data, THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform builds an organic, agile skills strategy and your new starters are plugged in from day 1. As they evolve and progress, so does THRIVE, connecting them to meaningful, relevant goals and the learning they need to achieve them.

Track progress along the way

THRIVE analytics dashboard, completion, notification

Assign onboarding as essential learning and your new starters will automatically receive reminders to complete their pathway without you lifting a finger. Use THRIVE’s analytics dashboard to track their progress along the way.

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Richard Branson

Meet modern expectations with the Content Club's resources

Successful onboarding

Successful onboarding

Our resources are designed to help your company understand the importance of onboarding, and how to conduct the onboarding process in the most effective and fun way possible to let your new starters hit the ground running.

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Communication microlearning


Communication is an essential skill. But people don't always get it right. This topic covers the verbal and non-verbal communication skills your teams need to communicate well and overcome any barriers to communication.

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Equality and diversity microlearning

Equality and diversity

Where other equality training stops at Equality law, we show your people how to create a more inclusive and equal workplace where diversity is celebrated.

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