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The Modern Day LMS for Gaming

As the gaming industry skyrockets into the biggest media industry in the world, you need a learning platform that future proofs with modern learning and user-driven upskilling.

Sumo Digital's Dojo learning platform

Gaming industry challenges

With stiff deadlines, increasing competition and difficult-to-manage tech stacks, gaming companies need to delicately balance multiple skills and competencies to deliver top quality experiences for an opinionated end user. As gaming moves into the stratosphere, your staff need to be up to date with latest storytelling trends, tech innovations and industry news. Building a cohesive, user-driven learning culture that promotes collaboration and skill development is going to be critical. Enter THRIVE.

Create a sustainable learning culture

THRIVE’s complete Learning & Skills Platform creates a scalable learning culture that brings together development teams, marketing squads and the c-suite alike. The focus on user-generated content and gamification features allow users to eliminate knowledge silos and learn from each other. Bringing the goosebumps back to learning. Get all the capabilities of an LMS, with the hyper-personalised feel of an LXP, topped with a frictionless way to track and manage your team's skills, all in one place. To make learning count, we equip you to set and manage custom goals for your learners. By plugging in data to connect the right people to the right learning needed to achieve them, and encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration by identifying subject matter experts, THRIVE creates the perfect environment for them to grow.

Keep your learners engaged

THRIVE for Government

THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform has AI-driven learning recommendation as well as a robust compliance offering, meaning users have the ability to keep developing new skills whilst also completing mandatory training.

Results and Impacts

Depiction of our analytics dashboard
  • No more knowledge silos.
  • Bridge the gap between teams and bring your teams in sync.
  • A truly sustainable learning culture.
  • In depth analytics on staff engagement, course completions and skill levels.
  • Strong brand community and emphasis on social learning.
  • Connected employees are happy employees! Increase employee satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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