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The Modern Day LMS for Health Care

Healthcare is a critical industry which never stops evolving. Make sure your healthcare employees are up to speed with critical knowledge and growing their skills with THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform.

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Problems for the health care industry

Staying up to date with the latest medical guidelines, upskilling in different areas of care, and connecting with other healthcare professionals is front of mind for healthcare workers the world over. Making sure that your team is happy, motivated and continuously developing their skills should be front of mind for you. THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform meets the needs of the healthcare industry with a solution that streamlines compliance, encourages collaboration and underpins a powerful strategy of upskilling.

Give your staff the learning opportunities they deserve

We understand that in the healthcare industry you aren’t just trying to upskill your staff, you are also ensuring patients are receiving the very best care possible, whether that’s through information on their medications or simple empathy and understanding. Enter THRIVE.

THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform for healthcare

THRIVE’s robust platform gives you all the capabilities of an LMS, with the hyper-personalised nature of an LXP and the added kicker of an effortless way to track and manage your team's skills, all in one place. To make learning count, we equip you to set and manage custom goals for your learners. By plugging in data to connect the right people to the right learning needed to achieve them, and encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration by identifying subject matter experts, THRIVE creates the perfect environment for them to grow.

Results & impact


A happier and more collaborative work culture, helping your team learn new skills from each other and stay on top of their game


Quicker and more sustainable onboarding processes

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In depth analytics on staff engagement, compliance status and user generated content

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