The Modern Day LMS for Hospitality

Success in hospitality DEPENDS on a flexible and multi-disciplined workforce. THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform is your first step to creating a workforce that’s robust, agile and skills-focused.

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Problems for the hospitality industry

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We know that in the hospitality industry you need your staff to be skilled in customer service, expert communicators and have exceptional attention to detail. On top of that, they need to keep up with compliance training and changing industry trends and standards.

The uncertainty resulting from the Covid-19 crisis means you need training that can be accessed from anywhere, enables your staff to learn from each other and build a strong culture of collaboration. Enter THRIVE.

How THRIVE can help

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THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform combines the robust functionality of an LMS and the peer-to-peer social feel of an LXP with a brand new way to build an effective skills strategy within the business. To make learning count, we equip you to set and manage custom goals for your learners.

By plugging in data to connect the right people to the right learning needed to achieve them, and encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration by identifying subject matter experts, THRIVE creates the perfect environment for them to grow.

Next gen analytics

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THRIVE Learning &  Skills Platform also has built-in advanced reporting and analytics so admins get full insight into how teams are learning and consuming content. The platform also has a wide range of integrations which enable integrations to legacy systems with ease.

Results & impact


Increased engagement from users


Identify and fill skill gaps

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A scalable and sustainable learning culture


Easy integrations with existing systems

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Next-gen reporting gives full transparency of learners progress and history

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Greater connectivity between teams, no matter where they are based

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Learning & Development Manager at Elior

Wendy Elliott Learning & Development Manager at Elior


"We’ve had people saying, “We should have done this years ago. This is the best thing Elior has launched in a long time.” The engagement levels tell me all I need to know; it’s been incredibly well-received."

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