Sub processors



The following sub-processors are utilised for delivery of the THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform. This processing will usually include the handling of personally identifiable data for end users of the platform.

Amazon Web Services File Storage, Application Services, Video Processing, Network Infrastructure, Infrastructure Logging, Search Database. London, United Kingdom
MongoDB Inc. Database storage, backups, logging. London, United Kingdom
Snowflake Relational Database for reporting and analytics. Dublin, Ireland
Sparkpost EU Email notifications and tracking. Dublin, Ireland

Optional features

Further features which are optionally available to customers through THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform. These sub-processors will not handle personally identifiable data for end users of the platform.

GetAbstract Content provider offering catalogue of book abstracts. Zurich, Switzerland
QuestionMark Formal assessment engine with xAPI tracking for scored activities. London, England

THRIVE controlled data

We use a number of services internally to manage our systems and provide support for the platforms. While these sub-processors are not involved in the delivery of the platform, they may be involved in storing or processing data for specific requests from customers.

HubSpot, Inc. Storing customer records including key contacts. Frankfurt, Germany
N Virginia, United States
Google Ireland Ltd Communications including support email, along with file storage for any bespoke reports. Frankfurt, Germany
Atlassian Pty Ltd
Project management, which may include some details logged on Support Desk. Dublin, Ireland
Zendesk UK Limited
Support  Desk handling all information submitted to the support portal. Dublin, Ireland

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