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THRIVE's 2021 Product Wrap-up

Take a look back at some of the most powerful features introduced to THRIVE in 2021.

THRIVE Learning & Skills

2020 changed the world of work forever. Fact. And while many of us were hoping for more normality in 2021, the pandemic had other ideas - as if you needed reminding.

With remote and hybrid working remaining the norm for many, the need to connect, upskill, engage and support your people became as pressing as ever. 

So, at THRIVE, we stuck to what we know best; listening to our brilliant customers and HR thought leaders to continually upgrade THRIVE, adding features to change behaviours, bring learning into the flow of work, slash admin time and drive meaningful, multi-lingual conversations.

Now, with 1.9 million users reached this year, 109 new customers, taking us to 189 customers in total, and a string of new additions to our high-flying Product team, we’re ready to make next year even more exciting than the last.

Take a look at some of the key features we introduced in 2021 below, and if you’d like to book a THRIVE demo for yourself today, head here.

First up: our browser extension

Back in January, we released our browser extension for Google Chrome. It enhanced the experience of our, giving you the ability to track your learning progress and share, interact with, and search for content directly through your web browser. 

By providing a modern, joined-up learning experience, we made sure your people could learn in the flow of work, seamlessly.

The new homepage landed

We introduced new homepage layout options to the Learning & Skills Platform so you can design the perfect learning experience for your people. 

Much more than a fresh lick of paint, the new homepages are all about discovering new and relevant content at ease, running more engaging campaigns and ensuring compliance. 

You can now see all the content you’ve personally created on the homepage, and you can create audience-specific blocks to further tailor and fine-tune your learners’ experience.

Broadcasts burst onto the scene

A broadcast is a built-in live streaming tool that gives you a powerful way to connect with your entire organisation - or a select group - in real-time, wherever they may be.

You can engage your community with the live chat, see how they’re feeling with reactions, get instant feedback with interactive polls, share videos and information from your screen, and automatically save your broadcast so your team can watch it back whenever suits.

Over the year, we saw a 1,041% increase in learner reactions on broadcasts. So, if you’re looking to reinvigorate your next company-wide update, team meeting, new starter welcome, training session or social event, why not try it out?

We introduced Audience Managers

Now, admins have the ability to appoint one or more people as Audience Managers for any given audience on the Platform. But what exactly can an Audience Manager do?

They can:

  • Add and remove users from the audience and change smart rules;
  • View, add and remove any content that has been shared with the group;
  • Manage assignments, add new assignments and export compliance reports; and
  • Access the Content and User behaviour dashboards for additional, audience-specific analytics.

We integrated with Slack

Joining the likes of LinkedIn Learning, OpenSesame and Workday HCM, our next Learning Platform integration came in the shape of Slack - the workplace instant messaging tool that helps teams to communicate, connect and collaborate in real-time.

The integration means your learners will be able to discover content, like, comment and share it straight to your chosen channels through Slack. By syncing both platforms’ audiences, we’ve made sure your people can learn in the flow of work and receive notifications, content and information in a familiar setting.

You’ll increase the visibility and engagement levels of learning content by making it part of your learners’ day-to-day, and you can make sure your team never misses an important update or a useful piece of content.

Automatic and manual translations arrived

This feature means articles and comments can now be translated into any other supported language enabled on your Learning & Skills Platform.

Inclusivity plays a vital role in a successful learning strategy, and with THRIVE translating content into over 20 different languages, we’re breaking down communication barriers and supercharging knowledge sharing so you can upskill and engage your learners, wherever they may be.

The Manager’s Dashboard made a splash

We added the Manager’s Dashboard interface to our Learning & Skills Platform to help managers stay on top of their team’s development, giving them a seamless overview of their team, compliance, events, points leaderboard and assigned learning.

As well as showing completed, upcoming and overdue assignments for all your direct reports, you can toggle and show the same progress for other learners across your organisation too.

By including filters that let you take a closer look at particular pieces of content, individual learners and managers, the Manager’s Dashboard gives you a detailed breakdown of activity so you can quickly spot any gaps in their learning, assign tasks and export reports.

We introduced email notification toggles

This feature gives organisations the ability to turn certain email notifications on and off by default, and it gives your learners the ability to choose their own preferences.

Email notifications will always be on for assignment reminders, campaign notifications, event notifications and admin notifications such as flagged content because they’re integral to the effectiveness of the platform.

For comments, follows, shares and the weekly manager’s digest, your learners can decide whether or not they want to be notified by email. Either way, they still receive notifications via the bell icon on the navigation bar.

The Search Page was redesigned

We also changed how our Learning Platform's Search Page works this year, allowing you to filter by endorsed content, content type (articles, events, quizzes, videos etc.), tags and association (whether the content was shared with or assigned to you).

These changes bring your learners closer to the content they’re looking for, contributing to an engaging, addictive experience.

We released Interaction Analytics for content

This feature lets you view the engagement, results and completions for all content types within your Learning Platform.

From the Interaction Analytics page, you can see how many views, likes, shares, comments and pins a piece of content has received. You’ll also be able to see how many unique views it has, who viewed it, and how they interacted with the content.

These analytics can be filtered to the last 7, 14 and 30 days, or to a custom date range. Then, all this data can be exported and downloaded as a report.

That’s a wrap

But with our 2022 roadmap already well underway, keep ‘em peeled for more Learning Platform features coming in the very near future.

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