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What is L&D?

Discover what L&D means, what L&D does in an organisation and how THRIVE helps L&D teams.

What is L&D?
  • L&D stands for Learning & Development, and describes the process or department in charge of encouraging employee development, through training, elearning and/or 1-2-1 sessions.
  • L&D often sits with Human Resources, but can equally be its own department with separate budgets and C-Suite level executives.
  • L&D is a large part of providing an enjoyable and rewarding experience for employees and a crucial part of the onboarding process for new employees and instilling a company culture where individuals can flourish.
  • As L&D is so important to culture, it’s no surprise that it plays a huge role in employee retention. Companies that have high internal mobility, employees stay on average twice as long than companies with low internal mobility.
  • As companies grow larger, employees join from different geographical locations and especially since the pandemic, L&D has relied more and more on technological solutions, like a Learning Management System (LMS), to unify employees across the globe and launch learning initiatives. 
  • L&D is also an excellent way to find the future leaders of your organization, instead of an external hire. It is much cheaper and easier to train and reskill a current employee than it is to hire an external candidate.
  • L&D is of course in charge of developing employees' “hard” skills such as technical competency, software proficiency and in some cases GDPR regulation, but they also are in charge in developing their team’s “soft” or “power” skills as well. This can be skills such as leadership and communication as well as teamwork and emotional regulation. 
  • If you want to find out more about how THRIVE is shaping the L&D space, and how we help over 200 global businesses get L&D right, then check out our Learning and Skills Platform and library of microlearning resources, the Content Club.

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