THRIVE LXP roadmap

Say goodbye to annual software releases. At THRIVE we launch new LXP features as soon as they’re ready to go. Explore some of the game changing features we’re working on and watch them come to life over the coming months.

What's THRIVE?

Outcomes - Tracking learning journeys

We’re developing a range of new features allowing learners, teams and organisations to organise both formal and informal learning objectives on THRIVE LXP. Outcomes will combine content from a learner's completion history, development logs and pinned items to provide a view of an objective the learner is working towards. Outcomes can be created by the learner, manager, administrator or as part of a campaign being picked up by the user.

Completing outcomes

Outcomes will be completed either informally by the learner or formally with the learner discussing their progress with a line manager or mentor.

It will also be possible to assign a score to a formal outcome bringing the potential for OKR reporting across the business in the future.

Skills and expertise

THRIVE LXP currently allows users to flexibly define their skills based on what they think is relevant, this level of flexibility is essential for teams to engage with the system and power our personalisation engine. 

To grow this feature we're introducing a simple scoring system to indicate the level of experience within a given skill.

Skillsoft integration

This new integration with THRIVE LXP means Skillsoft customers who are subscribed to their course catalogue will be able to seamlessly connect and curate content for their learners on a continuing basis. Learners will be able to consume, search and automatically log content completions without leaving the platform. Managers and L&D teams can track progress and it’s all embedded into the LXP window to provide a seamless user experience.

Go1 integration

The next addition to THRIVE's vast content integration suite is Go1. This integration will work the same as the Skillsoft integration supporting Go1 and THRIVE users to host, search, consume and track content directly in the LXP window.

Mobile App: Push notifications

Through the mobile app, we're in the process of launching push notifications which allow you to communicate with users in real-time straight on their mobile phone.

We never stand still. We are continuously innovating and evolving our product to stay ahead of the game, fuel growth and support ever changing needs.

Mark Ward, CTO

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