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Creating continuous learning moments

How to empower continuous growth and development

Traditionally corporate learning has been all about attending classroom courses, completing assessments and taking part in lengthy learning experiences. But that’s not the innate way we learn. 

Award-winning video games developer, Sumo Digital, are paving the way for modern L&D teams by fostering a culture of continuous learning moments. This means creating an environment where learning happens every day, sometimes without even knowing it, and personal development is a natural element of your role. 

Join Jenny Muhlwa, Learning and Development Manager at Sumo Digital and Josh Devanny, Head of Sales at THRIVE, to share the steps to create a self-directed learning culture by providing the environment to empower continuous growth. Watch this recording and learn:

  • Innovative ideas to encourage learning in the flow of work
  • How to empower employees to take ownership and autonomy of their personal development
  • How to keep your learners coming back to your learning platform for more

Jenny Muhlwa, L&D Manager at Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital is an award-winning games development company creating the industry’s most popular video games including Sonic racing, Little Big Planet and Hitman.

Jenny leads Sumo's L&D vision for over 800 employees across eight different studios, embedding a learning culture that enables employees to take ownership of their personal development and connect with other studios around the world. 

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