How to build a learning content strategy from scratch

Steps to build a successful content strategy

Are you looking to build up an effective content strategy, but unsure where to start? This webinar recording reveals the essential ingredients to a successful learning content strategy. 

Dani Hamilton and Emma Layton explore quick wins to create captivating content, steps to map out your strategy using their proven formula and ways to leverage your learning platform to drive your new strategy as well as: 

  • Why a learning content strategy is essential 
  • How to find and fill your content gaps 
  • What the right elearning partner looks like


Emma Layton, Chief Content Officer at THRIVE

Emma heads up a passionate team who are challenging the way the industry approaches content. Taking lessons from how things were done in her previous roles in the learning industry, she's pushing a no-nonsense, authentically human approach to learning.

In her 10 years in the industry, Emma has gained tons of experience working hands-on with clients such as Google, Tesco and Boots to evolve their online learning.

Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer and Product Officer at THRIVE

Danielle has spent her career helping organisations to adopt new approaches to learning technology, focusing on improving employee collaboration, communication and culture.

Having worked in the learn tech industry for 10 years, Dani has extensive experience working both in internal L&D and helping to push the envelope at leading businesses such as Kineo, Fuse and now THRIVE Learning.

She spearheads the roadmap vision for the THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform, helping clients drive more effective employee engagement through social learning, personalisation, machine learning and more.

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