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Aiming to transform leadership training? First, check your tech.

Elior is the UK’s leading contract caterers and an award-winning people business. Earlier this year they transformed their training offering for 2,000 business leaders and managers to put learning at the forefront of leadership. 

Wendy Elliott, L&D Manager at Elior, joined us to talk about how entering the digital learning space opened up a world of new opportunities for leadership development. Watch to learn:

  • How to implement and launch new learning technology from the ground up
  • Ways to leverage social learning for leadership training 
  • What it takes to drive engagement with your learning platform


Wendy Elliott, L&D Manager at Elior

L&D Manager for Elior UK, Wendy has been part of the People Development team since 2012. Prior to that, she had a number of years in operational roles across the business. Having enjoyed a lifelong career in the hospitality industry, about which she is very passionate, Wendy is also a great example of how your career can grow & diversify!

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