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What can L&D learn from TikTok?

Harness the power of user generated content

What’s so addictive about TikTok? It’s not just the catchy tunes and trendy dance moves that have gripped the world, there’s a never ending list of engagement tactics that make the social platform the most downloaded non-gaming app in 2020. 

So, what can L&D teams learn from TikTok’s wins? Watch the recording as we reveal the characteristics that can make your learning addictive. Hosted by Cassie Gasson, Chief Marketing Officer and Dani Hamilton, Chief Product Officer, at THRIVE, you’ll learn how to grab your modern learners attention and keep it, as well as:  

  • Tips to increase social learning and create viral learning content
  • How to harness the power of user-generated content 
  • Tools and features to look out for in a learning platform


Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer and Product Officer at THRIVE

Danielle has spent her career helping organisations to adopt new approaches to learning technology, focusing on improving employee collaboration, communication and culture.

Having worked in the learn tech industry for 10 years, Dani has extensive experience working both in internal L&D and helping to push the envelope at leading businesses such as Kineo, Fuse and now THRIVE Learning.

She spearheads the roadmap vision for the THRIVE Learning Experience Platform, helping clients drive more effective employee engagement through social learning, personalisation, machine learning and more.

Cassie Gasson, Chief Marketing Officer at THRIVE

Cassie has worked in the technology industry for over five years gaining a wealth of experience in commercial marketing whilst attracting brands such as VOXI, Google and Superdrug. 

Beginning her career at Mind Click, she gained unparalleled experience in the learning technology space where she always believed in focusing on the end user and all else will follow. Now CMO for THRIVE, Cassie is responsible for their marketing strategy, staying ahead of the curve and building a disruptive brand that demands the attention of L&D teams everywhere.

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