Why microlearning is the most important tool in your learning content strategy

Looking to reshape your learning content strategy but don't know where to start?

One of the most powerful tactics to drive engagement is microlearning. On 12th March we showcased how to leverage bite-sized content at the heart of your strategy to empower your users to want to learn.

Hosted by our Chief Content Officer, Emma Layton, with special guests Michael Brown, Digital Learning Manager at Vanquis Bank and Megan McIlvenna, Head of Learning Design at THRIVE, this free webinar recording will demonstrate:

  1. Why microlearning is an essential part of your content toolkit
  2. Practical tips to launch new content and mobilise your organisation
  3. Innovative ways to integrate microlearning with your existing training offering


Emma Layton, Chief Content Officer at THRIVE

Emma heads up a passionate team who are challenging the way the industry approaches content. Taking lessons from how things were done in her previous roles in the learning industry, she's pushing a no-nonsense, authentically human approach to learning.

In her 10 years in the industry, Emma has gained tons of experience working hands-on with clients such as Google, Tesco and Boots to evolve their online learning.

Michael Brown, Digital Learning Manager, Vanquis Bank

Michael has been in Learning & Development for 13 years and worked in a variety of roles in L&D in that time. Starting off as a technical trainer, Michael honed his skills in coaching, personal and leadership development, specialising in digital learning with a focus on building skills through online learning. Vanquis have been using THRIVE'S microlearning content for nearly a year.

Megan McIlvenna, Head of Learning Design at THRIVE

From deciding what we teach to how we teach it, Megan leads our wonderful team of learning designers in creating all things microlearning at THRIVE.

This is Megan's 9th year in the learning industry in a career that's spanned everything from award-winning gamification to blended curriculums of learning for organisations as diverse as Barclaycard, Specsavers, Unilever, Campari, PwC, National Grid and Google.

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