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5 questions to ask when changing Learning Platform

Having replaced almost every major LMS on the market, we know that it can feel daunting, and it’s tempting to stick with what feels familiar. So we’ve put together this list of things to consider if you’re thinking of switching yours.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward Co-Founder

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    What worked well on your old platform?

    We understand that you might not  want to completely start from scratch when it comes to your learning journey. It’s important to view your platform change as an evolution of your strategy, rather than going ‘back to the drawing board.’ Identify what parts of your old platform worked well and what you want to have on your checklist for your new platform. Have you got great compliance content? Are your content pieces mapped correctly into pathways? Is information tagged in an intuitive way so users can easily find what they need? Take your learners feedback and identify where you are strongest, so you can focus on…

    What isn’t working?

    A new learning platform can be like a breath of fresh air for admins, learners and L&D teams. It’s a great chance to fix problems with your current strategy and one you shouldn’t waste. But to fix the leaks in the ship, you need to know where they are! Make sure you’re checking in with your learners and the wider team for what they want out of their learning experience and what they would find useful in a platform to help them develop.

    If you have it available, dig into the data that you’ve built up to check out things like engagement levels over time and on particular pieces of content or resources, identify content gaps and find out whether your users are able to access what they need. This mix of statistics and qualitative feedback is one of your keys to levelling up your L&D game.

    What experience do you want your users to have?

    Making sure that learners are engaging deeply with your chosen learning platform goes way above and beyond ensuring it has a nice UI. Learning experiences should be designed to change behaviours, spark curiosity and enable peer to peer knowledge sharing and social interactions. This is the way we learn in our day-to-day lives, and your chosen learning platform needs to emulate that to make sure learning sticks. 

    Learning platforms that reflect the modern way of learning combine a consumer-grade social experience with content that delights and is easily consumable. Making sure content is relevant, personalised, linked to skills and goals, and most importantly - easy to access - is going to have a huge impact on the success of any new learning platform.

    How will your content needs shift?

    Learning content requirements are constantly evolving, whether that’s topics, formats, length or any other factors.  With the mainstream adoption of AR and VR content, alongside growing demand for video over text content fuelled by apps like TikTok and the long rise in popularity of user-generated content it’s clear that learning needs to keep their finger on the pulse of current trends. Understand what content works well in your organisation by looking at engagement, and get a feel for what content you might need to bring into the mix later on. 

    Discover what emerging technologies might become commonplace in the future and make this part of the discussion with potential learning technology partners. Even if it’s not something you need right now, having visibility of what’s on the roadmap ensures you are partnering for future success, not just for what you need right now.

    What will happen to the data?

    Having data at the heart of L&D decision-making should be a priority. But how do you get all the data from your current platform into your shiny new one? That’s a question for your new supplier and be wary of one who can’t answer it. Our LMS Migration Tool seamlessly moves all your historic data from your old LMS onto your THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform. If you want to see how it works, you can get in touch with our amazing team here to talk more about how our groundbreaking tool can help you reach the future of learning.

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