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Beauty Works used THRIVE's Learning & Skills Platform to connect their people around the world and give their learning and comms culture a makeover.

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A brand in vogue

Beauty Works awards

Beauty Works is a multi-award-winning market leader in luxury hair extensions, styling tools and haircare. 

Loved by salons, stylists, retailers and consumers alike, the brand has grown quickly, working with the likes of Molly-Mae Hague and Millie Court as its transformative products prove ever-popular across the globe.

Fast growth. Fresh challenges

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As Beauty Works expanded beyond its Cheshire roots to 100+ people in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the U.S., Dubai and Australia, communication broke down across locations and departments. 

Comms were limited to all-user emails, training and policies were inconsistent, and their people were missing out on important updates about products, events, awards and much more.

It was time for a makeover

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The team began looking at a whole range of platforms, with a big emphasis on creating community and connection across the business. 

They wanted one digital space where all the answers - and all their experts - could be found at the click of a button. No matter the location. No matter the time zone. 

THRIVE caught their eye

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Gemma Bray, Office Operations Manager at Beauty Works, described THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform as “modern, fresh and easy to use”, while the Content Club’s bite-sized resources made learning “so easy” and were “a great cultural fit.”

Our case studies with Beauty Works’ industry peers, like DECIEM, highlighted the platform’s potential, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Introducing Agile Skills

Beauty Works Click

The team had a launch party for their new THRIVE platform, ‘Beauty Works Click’, at the beginning of May 2022.

Now, every individual at Beauty Works receives a personalised learning experience, from the warehouse to the sales team, based on real-time learner data that uncovers the trending and emerging skills that matter to them - inside, and outside of work.

One platform. All the answers

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THRIVE connects Beauty Works’ learners to the content needed to develop those skills and the experts around the business who are well-versed in them, creating community, collaborative knowledge sharing, and a learning culture where their people can truly ‘Click’. 

Thanks to the mobile app, the platform has become their internal social media; bringing the whole company together and putting key updates, documents, policies and learning in one place.

Led by the learners

Beauty Works (user screen)

The team wanted user-generated content to be the focal point of the platform. So, to kick things off, they held a business-wide competition encouraging their people to create, upload and share a piece of content to introduce themselves - professionally or personally - with prizes on offer for the most creative examples.

They’re highlighting Click at the recruitment phase to help Beauty Works attract and retain the best talent, and with a whole host of campaigns and broadcasts planned for the coming months, we can’t wait to see the platform fly 🚀

Office Operations Manager at Beauty Works

Gemma Bray Office Operations Manager at Beauty Works

Beauty Works

"The THRIVE team are a joy to work with, I’d recommend them to every company. The whole process has been so smooth, the support has been brilliant, and they’ve given us the confidence to use the platform to its full potential."

5 stars

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