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Beauty's biggest disruptor, DECIEM, masters social learning with 95% engagement and 83 minutes per week on self directed learning.

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The abnormal beauty company

Named ‘the most thrilling thing to happen in skincare’, DECIEM has taken the beauty industry by storm with their unique values, exceptional quality products and reasonable price points. The company now has more than 1,000 employees, 50 products, 42 stores in over 15 markets and sells two products every single second.

Global learning and communication challenges

Their learning culture was heavily focused on face-to-face training. This had its challenges, including no way to refer back to learning content after the classroom session had finished, employees were unable to learn in the flow of work and it was becoming timely and costly.

What’s more, historically nearly all of their online training and communication was delivered via email which caused disengagement amongst their workforce. 

  • A DECIEM staff survey highlighted 78% of employees felt like they didn’t know what was going on in the wider business and 42% felt they didn't have a voice 
  • 98% of employees wanted to learn more but only 48% felt they knew how to develop their skills 
  • Employees missed out on important announcements and worked in silos with a lack of communication between different functions and locations

With a workforce including retail, production and office workers in over 15 different countries, DECIEM recognised the need for a tech-led learning approach to drive global inclusivity. A social and collaborative Learning & Skills Platform was the answer. 

THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform ticked all the boxes

DECIEM teamed up with THRIVE to build a tech-led learning and development strategy that would bring to life a self-directed and co-constructed culture of learning and engagement. 

DECIEM's vision

Community icon


Create an online community and bring people together across the globe.

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Get important messages out to employees quickly, regardless of location.

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Self-directed learning

Provide self-directed learning for learners to develop at their own pace.

Results and impact at DECIEM

53%user generated content

95%engagement across 1,000 employees

76%increase in ability to receive business updates

83 minutes per week spent on self directed learning

Self led learning with 95% engagement

With 95% active users and each employee spending an average of 83 minutes per week on optional learning. Their ‘learners as teachers’ approach has been so successful that their platform is now made up of 53% user generated content and only 23% content from the L&D team.

Internal perceptions and culture shift

DECIEM has seen an impressive behavioural shift amongst learners who naturally turn to THRIVE to get the answers they need at the time they need them. A second sentiment survey revealed a huge increase in employee satisfaction and attitude towards learning and communication:


satisfaction rate with overall learning experience at DECIEM


increase in ability to learn at work


increase in ability to engage with peers globally via THRIVE

DECIEM's journey, three years on

Since launching THRIVE three years ago, DECIEM has maintained over 95% user coverage, with over 50% of the platform’s content being generated by the learners themselves. 

The platform has become a cornerstone of DECIEM’s culture. It’s helped them bring to life the values at the company’s core and create one, central place for its people to learn about products, meet the leadership team, connect with internal experts and develop the skills that matter to them.

As a result, their internal engagement survey scores in cultural areas like psychological safety and inclusivity have stayed strong, healthy, and on the rise.

Kristina Tsiriotakis Global L&D Director at DECIEM


"We were looking for something that was innovative, collaborative and fun. THRIVE is an amazing space for everyone to get involved and it’s just an addictive experience from the minute you use it."

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