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The lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer chose THRIVE to help them increase engagement, deliver communications and up their content game.

FatFace Home screen

Inspiring self-led learning

From humble beginnings in 1988 to where they are now with over 200 stores in the UK, Ireland and the US, FatFace continues to grow. Their focus on building a modern learning experience for their employees brought them to THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform. It was important to the L&D team that the emphasis was placed on the users to drive their own learning journey, and away from a top-down, ‘this is what we think you need’ approach. 

More than a learning platform

One of the big factors that drew the FatFace team to THRIVE was the ability it gave them to cover so much more than basic learning. The team is using the platform as their internal communication tool to share news and collaborate, which is something they hadn’t been able to do previously. And when it comes to content, they’re reaping the benefits of combining their own FatFace developed content with an enormous amount of external sources as well. The result has been a huge boost in engagement across the workforce.

Driving engagement with content variety

The different types of content that can be included in their learning initiatives had a huge impact on the L&D team at FatFace. From video to quizzes, memes to quotes, they have been able to get creative with the way they deliver their training. And this enthusiasm has transferred through to the learners as well, with increased engagement across the board.

Samantha Bundy Talent Manager

Fatface LXP

"We’ve reached 200,000 content views now which is astronomical and way above and beyond anything we had targeted"

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