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Leading property finance platform, LendInvest, adopt a social and collaborative learning experience powered by THRIVE.

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Starting from scratch

Meet LendInvest, the leading platform for property finance in the UK with nearly 300 employees. With a dispersed workforce spread across London and Glasgow, LendInvest faced a challenge in providing its employees with the training and resources they need, when they need it, as well as encouraging self-driven learning and continuous development.

Prior to discovering THRIVE, LendInvest had no structured solution in place for their teams to develop new skills, there was a lack of access to relevant information and content and as a result, a lack of development within teams.

A social-first solution

Enter THRIVE, the modern Learning & Skills Platform. LendInvest was drawn to THRIVE's modern UX, but it was the rich content offering, social-first approach and seamless integration with Slack that sealed the deal for them.

With THRIVE, LendInvest is able to foster a culture of self-driven learning and engagement among its employees. The platform's social learning features allows them to nurture a collaborative environment where employees and subject-matter experts can share their knowledge across the business. Like second-nature, learners have adapted to social learning so quickly that the team have already seen user generated content makeup over 40% of their platform. 

But THRIVE isn't just about collaboration. LendInvest now has the perfect solution to manage onboarding, compliance, and communication within the business. They were able to streamline their mandatory training, events and compliance training by creating useful learning pathways bursting full of multi-media microlearning content.

“Everything is available to new starters on THRIVE, so no matter where they are in the country, they have the same access to knowledge without having to go and find anybody.”
- Megan O’Connell, Office Manager

LendInvest results & impact

100%user coverage

21kcontent views

116,900points & achievements

Creating a self-directed learning culture

The impact was clear. With THRIVE, everything is in one place, easily searchable, allowing the team to search for the answers they need when they need them. They can also track and ensure compliance, LendInvest’s Compliance Manager and Legal team now use THRIVE to share policies and documents too! Jessica Tang, Legal Council, commented: “Since moving to THRIVE, we’ve definitely become more efficient as a team, allowing us to add value to the business where it matters most.”

LendInvest's employees also benefit from improved onboarding, making it easy for new starters to soak up induction materials and tasks they need, regardless of where they’re working. Additionally, with the platform's audience targeting features, they’re able to recommend the most relevant content to each individual, making it the most relevant onboarding experience.

Today, THRIVE has become an integral part of LendInvest's self-directed learning culture. With 100% user coverage, over 21K views, and 116,844 points and achievements across the board, it's clear that THRIVE has made a significant impact on LendInvest's workforce.

Jessica Tang Legal Counsel at LendInvest

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"Since moving to THRIVE, we’ve definitely become more efficient as a team, allowing us to add value to the business where it matters most."

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