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Learning & Skills Platform


Europe’s largest media company, Sky, switched to THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform and reaches half a million content views a month.

Sky THRIVE platform - home screen

Time to transform L&D

Sky is Europe’s largest media company with an impressive 23 million customers. When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Sky had to close 60 retail stores and adopt remote working across all functions. But the leading company chose not to furlough employees and instead approached the unprecedented time as a unique opportunity to prioritise and transform learning and development.

They needed a way to upskill, engage and deliver learning to 800+ retail staff and share leadership training with managers, supporting them through the transition and helping their teams adapt to change. 

At the time, their previous LMS didn’t allow Sky to be agile, encourage user engagement or associate learning with communication. So, they defined the requirement for a new learning platform to guarantee usage, engage their teams and share important updates about Covid-19 and fast.

Fast track to THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform

Sky was midway through a pilot with THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform when the pandemic hit and all stakeholders made the decision to fast track roll-out early with the objective to: 

  • Create one single place for learning 
  • Keep retail staff busy whilst stores across the country were closed 
  • Upskill customer service group leaders with training to support their teams
  • Provide a platform where people can collaborate from home and stay connected

THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform was launched across their retail teams within 2 weeks and then to business leaders within 6 weeks. The Sky team saved huge amounts of time on content curation by harnessing auto-curation tools within THRIVE as well as their microlearning content, which they could integrate with their own content for blended learning pathways that supported end users through their new world working from home.

Results and impact at Sky

540Kcontent views a month

90%employee engagement


Implementing THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform has helped Sky achieve its objectives and more. Success lies in the reactivity of their L&D team, instant uptake from learners and the ability to streamline their platforms around the business. 

Due to its success, Sky has now extended the roll-out to all contact centres and engineer front-line staff. By the end of June, Sky’s user count was 22,000+ employees from a standing start of 20 pilot users in mid-March.

James Stewart Head of Learning Experience at Sky


"The success lies in the speedy yet successful launch of THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform. We implemented it in just a week but our learning culture has changed forever."

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