Rapid growth

Sumo Digital is an award-winning games development company creating the industry’s most popular video games including Sonic racing, Little Big Planet and Hitman. In the last few years, they’ve experienced rapid growth, which has taken them to over 800 employees across eight different studios. With all that new knowledge across multiple studios in the UK and India, the creative company needed a learning platform to surface employee expertise and share it across the entire company, connecting those in different locations.

Sumo Digital’s vision 

When looking for a new learning solution Sumo Digital considered a variety of platforms, but the more traditional learning management systems didn’t have the social features they needed to fulfil their vision. 

Their key objective was to cultivate a culture where learners are teachers and everybody can take ownership of their own personal development. They also required a platform that could become their workplace hub where leaders can get their message out to the whole organisation.

Additionally, as a gaming company, UI and UX is at the heart of Sumo Digital. So it was crucial their learning system was engaging, easy to use and intuitive. They put a few learning platforms to the test and set out on a THRIVE LXP pilot with 45 employees. Jenny Muhlwa, Learning and Development Manager at Sumo Digital commented: 

“Unanimously THRIVE came back as our provider of choice because of the great user experience, it was so easy to use and understand. 

We put it out to our people and asked how they felt about it. People said it was so intuitive and I’m going to be coming back to it regularly, which was the key point for us.”

Results and impact at Sumo Digital

91%engagement rate


77%user generated content

Learning and communication

Sumo Digital teamed up with THRIVE to embed a learning experience platform they named DOJO. This would bring to life a self-directed, social learning culture and enable improved communication across the business. With THRIVE LXP’s handy auto-curation tools, the L&D team were able to launch with a range of curated content including topics like wellbeing, equality diversity and inclusion. In just 7 weeks, Sumo Digital saw over 100 pieces of user generated content being uploaded by their employees and a 91% engagement rate.

Spotify campaign to stay connected

Since launch Sumo Digital has delivered a range of creative learning initiatives to drive employee engagement. One campaign that was particularly popular was their DOJO Dukebox, where they embedded a Spotify playlist in THRIVE and set a theme each week where their learners could add a song of their choice.  This really brought their teams together and enabled their people to collaborate in social activities when working remotely. DOJO has become not only their go-to place for learning but a social space for their people to connect. Jenny Muhlwa, Learning and Development Manager at Sumo Digital commented: “It feels like you’re connected with others even when you’re not working in the office.”

What’s next for Sumo Digital? 

Traditionally, learning at Sumo Digital has been all about going to courses and having long learning experiences. THRIVE has transformed their culture and helped them achieve learning moments, where learning and personal development happens every day without being pushed directly by an L&D team. 

Sumo Digital is now in the process of digitising their onboarding process to deliver training for new starters through THRIVE and will continue to harness the platform to develop, retain and attract great talent. 

"THRIVE are incredibly responsive and really do their best to deliver and create an amazing learning experience for everyone across our Sumo Studios. "

Jenny Muhlwa, Learning and Development Manager at Sumo Digital

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