Ted Baker

Leading lifestyle brand, Ted Baker, implemented THRIVE LXP to empower social learning which has led to 57% user generated content.

Ted Baker's LXP

Challenges of traditional learning

Ted Baker, is one of the leading lifestyle and fashion brands with 560 stores and concessions around the world. Historically, their training has been all about beautifully designed printed induction tools, one-to-one coaching and off-site classroom training events which were bursting with personality. But with their more traditional approach came a range of barriers. They weren’t able to truly engage their retail population, face-to-face workshops were restricted by location and their printed guides were not only difficult to keep up to date and make changes but it didn't support their commitment to sustainability.

Time to go digital and data-led

They already knew their training had to become more digital and data-led, so they started building a business case. Then came the pandemic, this meant the team at Ted could no longer facilitate any face-to-face training, easily communicate to dispersed teams or keep teams connected to resources. They had to move quickly and find a new digital learning solution to replace their beautifully printed workbooks and classroom training. But it had to be something that could embody Ted's personality perfectly and keep their quirky approach to training alive.

Ted’s first-ever global HR technology

After a thorough tender process, Ted teamed up with THRIVE to create one place for personal development, self-directed learning and communication. 

By launching their first-ever piece of global HR technology, the L&D team at Ted were able to widen access to retail teams, give their people a voice through user generated content, get important information out quickly and keep important resources up to date. Debbie Frearson, Digital Development Partner at Ted Baker commented: 

“I went to every webinar, attended every demo and spent a long time researching and THRIVE really connected with us. Not only their platform and the focus on social learning but the personality of everyone I spoke to really reflected our values.” 

Ted's successful launch harnessed features like campaigns, events and questions to get their people connecting and sharing around the globe. They used pathways in five different languages to onboard learners onto the platform and first focused on topics such as their values, culture and community stories ahead of bringing in compliance training. 

Results and impact at Ted Baker



57%user generated content

82,000content views since launch

Results since launch

Since launching the team at Ted has seen impressive adoption with up to 77% engagement, 82,000 content views and 57% of their content is actually shared by employees themselves. Lastly, by replacing their unique printed guides with a digital solution they haven’t only experienced increased engagement, cost savings but they’ll save 75 trees over the next five years too!

Debbie Frearson Digital Development Partner at Ted Baker

Ted Baker

"From day one, I felt confident that working with THRIVE was the right decision. Every question I asked was answered with honesty and transparency; the lead in the conversation was always about what we needed and how THRIVE suits us, rather than the other way around. Every step of the way, the team have supported us through our journey, from selection to implementation, to launch, aftercare and future planning. The journey so far has been amazing, and we are so excited for what the next year has in store!"

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