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Award-winning estate agents, Yopa Property, upgraded from Moodle and saw a 3,900% increase in content views.

Yopa learning experience platform

Time for change

Award-winning estate agents, Yopa, has become one of the largest estate agencies in the UK by offering the same end-to-end service you get from high street agencies, online. Their award-winning service covers everything from valuation to moving in day, all for a fair fixed fee. With cutting edge technology at the core of their business, their outdated Moodle learning management system just wasn’t keeping up. They needed something new to help shift the way their business viewed learning and development.

Embedding social learning

With over 350 users, Yopa Property is made up of a range of teams dispersed across the UK, from self employed, field based local estate agents as well as two office locations for internal customer service and support function staff. They needed a way to drive engagement, bring scattered knowledge together and create a sense of community between teams, especially amongst their self-employed staff. 

Social learning was the answer and THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform was the platform to enable and empower a new way of learning where knowledge is streamlined and shared amongst teams. Angela Toghill, Director of Learning and Development at Yopa commented:

“Most of us are in a remote working environment and THRIVE has given us the opportunity to collaborate, communicate and really build a sense of community here at Yopa.”

Simple and intuitive

To be confident their new learning platform would land with modern learners, Yopa knew it had to be easy to use. The user experience needed to be simple and intuitive so it wouldn’t only empower their people to consume useful content, but encourage them to share knowledge through user generated content too. Angela Toghill commented; “it’s simple, it’s intuitive and it reminds our users of the social channels they know and love.”

Launching YopaThrive

Following a smooth implementation, the brilliant L&D team at Yopa planned a jam-packed launch campaign to give THRIVE the best start possible. The campaign kicked off at their annual ‘Small Change, Big Gains’ roadshow where they introduced YopaThrive by branding brunch boxes and talking about the objectives for the new platform in a company wide digital event.

Results and impact at Yopa

80%engagement rate

3,900% increase in views from their previous LMS

4,000+content views in the first 2 weeks

Achieving results from day one

Throughout their launch campaign, they also ran challenges and competitions, including finding hidden emojis amongst content and learner of the week. All this activity resulted in a winning start to their new learning experience platform including an 80% engagement rate and 4,000+ content views in the first 2 weeks that’s a 3,900% increase compared to Moodle, their previous LMS. It’s safe to say the team at Yopa are embracing social learning. Information is no longer siloed, it’s shared, celebrated and available for everyone to find wherever they’re working. We can’t wait to see what this inspirational company achieves next.

Angela Toghill Director of L&D at Yopa


"This platform blows ANY other previous iterations of online learning out of the water. It’s cutting edge, it’s cool and more importantly, people love being on there! Already the feedback and engagement is fantastic!"

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