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What does microlearning mean?

Discover what microlearning means, examples of its usage and how it relates to L&D.

What is microlearning?
  • Microlearning is a term used in elearning to describe learning that is delivered in small units.
  • Microlearning can be essential for corporate training as it is perfect for allowing quick, convenient training sessions in the flow of work, and also helps to address issues quickly, providing answers to end users quicker than traditional training videos and courses.
  • Additionally microlearning can also be a more cost effective way to produce learning content as its development time is lower and less resources are required to create the content when compared to longer form content.
  • Microlearning is a forward thinking way to approach learning content. The rise of social media and user generated content has pushed the majority of content we consume to become shorter form. This means that learners will be less likely to engage with longer forms of content, so adopting a microlearning approach is a more effective form of training.
  • Microlearning can be produced in many formats, such as text, images, videos and even gamified forms of learning such as quizzes, games and competitions.
  • When creating microlearning content it is important to remember to pare down any non-essential information. Try and think whether everything in your training is directly related to the outcome you want from the initiative. Cut out any fluff content designed to fill time and try and keep the overall length something that could be completed in the flow of work.
  • If you are struggling to embrace microlearning, check out this excellent blog on how to make your learning micro.

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