What is UGC?

Discover what UGC means, examples of its usage and how it relates to L&D.

What is UGC?
  • UGC stands for “user generated content”.
  • UGC can be in any format be it images, video, text or audio.
  • UGC is any content that is created by end users of a product.
  • A relevant example of UGC is all of the organic content on social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedin. This content is not created by the company that made the platform, but by the end users who then host their content through the platform.
  • UGC is particularly relevant for learning platforms.
  • Allowing users to generate their own learning content is crucial to facilitate social learning and eliminate knowledge silos in your business.
  • In 2006 “You” were named the TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year due to the rise of UGC.
  • Encouraging the creation of UGC is one of the lowest cost and most effective ways to create learning content for an organisation, as it gives participants space to talk about the subjects they are passionate and knowledgeable about. 
  • UGC is also amazing for learning content as it is usually very credible and authentic, which is a key characteristic to increase learner buy-in.
  • UGC is a crucial part of Web 2.0, which is characterised by the mass participation of users in the generation and upkeep of content.
  • UGC in learning also has the effect of building community amongst your learners and connecting members of your organisation that may not be connected otherwise.
  • Some of our clients harness THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform to encourage UGC amongst their learners. Discover how Ted Baker managed to fill their learning platform with 57% UGC.

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