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Is THRIVE LXP a stand alone LMS or a UI for an existing LMS?

THRIVE LXP meets the needs of varying types of customers. It has been originally designed to replace outdated learning management systems, that's why THRIVE LXP combines all the compliance requirements of the traditional LMS with personalisation, social learning and a consumer-grade experience.

However, we also understand that sometimes a platform can be very bedded into an organisation. THRIVE LXP is also entirely capable of plugging over the top of an existing LMS, ensuring you can still give your learners a stellar, modern learning experience.

What file types does THRIVE LXP support for upload?

Apart from the compatibility with SCORM, THRIVE LXP ensures you and your employees can share any range of media including PDFs, MP3, webpages, MP4, YouTube, weblinks, questions, articles, quizzes, broadcasts and so much more.

Is THRIVE LXP mobile friendly?

Yes! Not only is our Learning Experience Platform completely responsive, but we have also built a brand new mobile app which enables employees to make the best use of the platform where ever they are.

Does it accept SCORM files?

Yes, absolutely. THRIVE LXP is designed to be used as an LMS, which means it has all the functionality you would expect from an LMS including SCORM compatibility.

Do you support single-sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, single-sign-on comes as standard with THRIVE LXP giving your learners a seamless log-in experience. 

What systems can integrate with THRIVE LXP?

We support the following standards for integrations of various kinds: SAML2, SCIM2, xAPI and SCORM 1.2. Alongside these, we offer a webhook interface for performing various actions and a RESTful API for querying data on the system. This gives you the freedom to integrate a variety of tools such as HR systems, CRMs, data analysis tools and comms tools such as Teams and Slack.

Does THRIVE LXP come in any other languages?

Absolutely! THRIVE auto-detects language preferences and is available in over 20 different languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and more. 

Will THRIVE LXP fit my brand?

Yes! You can style your THRIVE LXP to fit your branding, and upload both new and legacy content.

Can I use THRIVE LXP to track compliance?

Yes, THRIVE LXP has all the functionality of a outdated LMS including the ability to track compliance training, but with additional next gen features to bring your learning culture from the past to the future.

Does THRIVE LXP support campaign learning?

We absolutely do! You can create custom campaigns for your learners and track completions and engagements with prebuilt analytics dashboards.

Can I use THRIVE LXP for internal communications?

THRIVE LXP has broadcasting functionality and you can share content with users via email. We also have seamless integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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