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Josh Devanny

Head of Sales

For over 7 years Josh has worked with organisations to help them transform their workplace learning and communications through technology.

Georgina Newton

Business Development Manager

Worked on multi-million pound bids at Capita for the likes of M&S, Unilever, SkyBet. Huge love for travelling & a secret adrenaline junkie.

James Atlas

Commercial Director

New to the learning industry. I bring with me 10+ years experience in banking & sales. I have a passion for Skiing, Arsenal & spreadsheets.

Sean Reddington


The first problem for all of us is not to learn, but to unlearn. Over 15 years in the elearning industry.

Will Towse

Senior Business Development Manager

I've got 5+ years' experience from Mind Click and Sponge. Towse - a 7th century Olde English name to describe someone as a vigorous warrior.

Ryan Dickson

Business Development Manager

2 years in the learning industry and have enjoyed working with some great companies looking to revolutionise learning. Also, a Chelsea fan!

Danny Braithwaite

Business Development Manager

6+ years in the learning industry working with organisations like Adidas, Ikea, & Fujitsu. Love food, football, F1 & walks with the dogs!

Rob Wintle

Account Executive

Experience in start-ups, particularly in learning. I love to see wins & share wins. Living life with family and friends in Southern Utah.

Milka Randjelovic

Senior Account Executive

Love helping customers succeed in their roles. Huge fan of tennis, travel, and good wine on a constant learning path.

We might be made in Nottingham but we’re a diverse bunch spread all over the UK, from Brighton to Leeds. 

Our average age is 33 but we’ve been in this industry for over 71 years. Between us, we’ve delivered nearly 500 elearning projects and implemented over 400 learning management systems. 

Change doesn’t come from staying within the lines. That's why we believe in being bold and brave in all that we do. Not only to drive modern learning experiences for teams to thrive across the globe but to pioneer true change in our industry.

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