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Risk management in the public sector

In the public sector, effective risk management is paramount to safeguarding public resources and maintaining trust. Our Public Sector content suite delves into the unique challenges and best practices for risk assessment and mitigation in government agencies and organisations. Discover strategies for identifying, evaluating, and prioritising risks, as well as implementing robust controls to protect against unforeseen events.

Addressing types of abuse: From domestic to discriminatory

Understanding and combating abuse in all its forms is crucial in fostering a safe and inclusive department. Thrive's in-depth content covers a spectrum of abuses, from domestic violence to discriminatory practices. We provide resources, case studies, and expert insights to help public sector professionals recognise, respond to, and prevent abuse within their organisations and communities.

Achieving project management success in the public sector

Efficient project management is the backbone of successful public sector initiatives. Our content equips your team with the knowledge and tools to plan, budget, and execute projects with precision. Learn effective stakeholder engagement strategies, communication techniques, and change management practices specific to the public sector. With Thrive's guidance, you'll be empowered to lead projects to completion, ensuring positive outcomes for your organisation and constituents.

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Leading lifestyle brand Ted Baker enjoys a 676% increase in ROI by moving to Thrive

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The doughnut giant finds the perfect learning platform that hits the sweet spot between collaboration, engagement and compliance

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Beauty's biggest disruptor, DECIEM, masters social learning with 95% engagement and 83 minutes per week on self directed learning

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