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Creating a sustainable content strategy

Defining a campaign-led content approach that’s guaranteed to make your content investment work harder for you and drive change amongst your colleagues.

Hi, we’re... the CONTENT CLUB 👋

It would be rude not to introduce ourselves. So, here’s what we’re all about then we promise we’ll get to the good stuff...


Content shock is a very real thing, as we’re faced with so much ‘stuff’ we can no longer consume it all effectively. Content is only good content if it’s meaningful, useful and works the way you want it to.

That’s why the CONTENT CLUB is pushing boundaries to drive meaningful change.

Our vision is to create 1,000 sustainable learning resources built by a tribe of creatives and copywriters. But we don’t just create. The Content Club continues to work with you to map pathways, build campaigns, fill your content gaps and define a relevant content strategy that actually works.


Copywriters, storytellers and campaign creators swear by keeping things simple for maximum impact. That’s why our content is always:

• Concise with a meaningful twist, often dealing with sensitive topics.
• Resource focused to maximise re-use across your platform.
• Visually gripping, campaign-led and bang on trend.
• Trustworthy, relevant and driven by the same social values as you.
• Sustainable and enhanced in line with industry trends and updates.

Learning isn’t a one stop shop

We know 58% of people want to learn at their own pace and 49% learn in the flow of work. Let’s be honest, if you want answers you’ll likely be typing into a search engine, watching a video or scrolling through TikTok these days. We’re pretty sure you won’t be reaching for that piece of elearning you did three months ago.

The learning landscape has radically changed over the past eighteen months, with a huge surge in digital training. A lot of ‘stuff’ has been created, but just how much of that has really been used meaningfully? People are accessing digital content hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day, resulting in extremely fickle attention spans, so we need to get clever about how we maximise what little time we have by being proactive rather than reactive to the problems you face. We’re absolutely here to shake things up.

That’s why we believe content should be focused on three things:

Make content work harder

Many learning vendors have catalogues of content available to buy off-the-shelf. As we’re sure you’ve recognised, some of it is better than others. If you’re looking for ordinary content in a 30 minute module that may temporarily plug a gap, and your vendor relationship ends until it’s up for renewal, then head elsewhere. You won’t find any of that here.

We’re interested in figuring out what your real challenges are and helping you define a strategy that solves them through sustained behaviour change and habit formation. How?

Steps to a sustainable content strategy

It’s all well and good subscribing to a new catalogue of content or a curation tool that pulls hundreds of resources into your platform. But how do you make them meaningful? Here’s our five steps to define a sustainable content approach that’s guaranteed to drive engagement amongst your colleagues.

1. Map content to your strategy

How many times have you subscribed to a content library when they’ve handed you a list of titles and just let you figure it out? We would never hand you the keys to the F1 car without giving you some lessons first.

This step is all about how you maximise your content investment straight away. The first step is to consider your upcoming learning initiatives, focusses or campaigns and map out how your existing, curated and newly off-the-shelf content aligns.

Let’s bring it to life with New Look

Earlier this year Content Club VIP, New Look, relaunched a new set of brand values and leveraged our content to activate new value-aligned behaviours. Take a look at a few examples of the content attached to each value below:

Play to win
Making informed choices and motivating teams

It starts with me
Tackling burnout and problem-solving effectively

We are one
Teamwork tips and communication hacks

Customer obsessed
Customer service success and building rapport easily

2. Plan campaigns

Behaviour change doesn’t happen in one sitting.

It requires subtle nudging, calls to action, exciting graphics, encouragement and reminders, as all marketers will know. These engagement tactics are at the core of our LXP and we apply that knowledge to our content, too.

Never run a campaign before? No problem. It boils down to simply setting a focus for a period of time and we ensure all our content seamlessly lends itself to those activities your business cares about. We already have an annual plan mapped out and ready to fit around your learning initiatives and we run monthly broadcasts to share what’s coming next and how we’ll arm you with not only the resources, but campaign assets and banners to really impress.

"It’s amazing we celebrate Pride together this year, it filled me with hope as I often receive verbal homophobic abuse and seeing everyone post really makes me smile”

Ted Baker

Let’s take Pride Month as an example

This year we had loads of organisations get involved in sharing important information about equality and diversity, stories from their employees and content that matters. There was a breadth of positive feedback, but this one from an employee at Ted Baker, really reminded us why we do what we do.

3. Guide people with pathways 

Quit thinking in topics and start thinking about experiences. Mapping pathways help you think about how best you’ll link your content together.

We’ll share how our resources can be used more powerfully together to form a meaningful experience for your people. The real benefit of this is that our assets can fit across multiple pathways - maximising reuse and avoiding re- creating the same content over and over in different guises.

Of course when we link this all together with your other training, user-generated content, curated media and the events you’re running in-house, the bigger picture starts to form.

4. Keep plugging the gaps 

Your content strategy never ends, regular temperature checks are essential to understand how you can continue to improve and hit those dreamy engagement targets.

There are two ways we help our Content Club customers do this. The first is simple: we’ll fill any content gaps or requests you have as part of your subscription. Yep, that means you can request new titles based on your business objectives and learning initiatives and if they are relevant to all members we’ll work them into our roadmap.

The second is by teaming up with the THRIVE Data Lab, our tribe of data analysts working with you to measure the real impact of learning activity. These data enthusiasts will analyse your analytics, create a clear data plan and recommend actions based on the facts and behaviours of your learners. It’s a real science!

5. Activate knowledge

Now, what are you going to do to get people practising, testing and talking? Don’t just let the experience end there, we’re having too much fun! Get your people liking, discussing and sharing content they found useful. This is really where your learning platform comes in to activate the learning and spark those meaningful conversations.

When it comes to testing knowledge The Content Club offers a range of ready to go question banks and the ability to support you carving out quizzes based on pathways to help you really test the learning too, if that’s what you’re into!

Resources, not courses

We’ve already spoken about how learning that’s consumable at the point of need is more likely to be used and shared. But what we haven’t talked about is what that content looks like.

Let’s look at the world of marketing. They use a whole range of media within their content strategy from video to infographics, so why should L&D be any different? At the end of the day we’re after the same solution… To engage and get the message across.

Our range of microlearning content

clock  teal icon

Modules under 10 minutes

All our content is in microlearning format. We appreciate people are always struggling for time, so we create short snappy content to let people explore at their own pace and build up knowledge bit-by-bit. Coicnidentally this also works really well for creating our pathways. It’s almost like we planned it.

video teal icon

Video & animation

Already one of the most powerful marketing tools with 87% of video marketers saying that video has increased traffic to their website. Why can’t you do the same to your learning platform? Now you can!

info teal icon


Simplifying complex information into easy to understand concepts is the main aim here. We’re skilled at keeping things succinct.

podcast teal icon


65% of people listen to podcasts on the go. We want to meet you where you are, so we bring you the content experts and in depth discussions about all the good stuff to you in podcast format. Grab a brew and listen in.

file teal icon


Expert guides, how-to’s, dos and don’ts, walkthroughs, top tips and FAQs. You name it, we create it. Why waste your time doing an elearning module when all you really needed was a handy checklist to download and reference every now and then?

campaign teal icon

Campaign assets

We grab attention and then space messaging to keep you hooked in. Our campaign assets are provided to help you achieve maximum engagement, particularly if you’ve never run a campaign before. We’re here to support and whole heartedly believe campaigns are the way forward.

Keep it real

Club Hub Screen home

The need for compliance topics like GDPR, data protection, and sexual harassment are all essential. But we balance this with a recognition of the sensitive, human and somewhat controversial topics that individuals need.

Real people need real content.

We’re not robots and we all have individual interests and motivations. Someone heading on paternity leave may need to know the ins-and-outs of a policy, but they may also need some more human and practical advice about how to maintain mental health and wellbeing, life hacks, gender pay gaps, functioning on no sleep and dealing with uncertainty.

We’re brave and not afraid of pushing boundaries with our content. Life isn’t black and white, and neither is our content.


The CONTENT CLUB works with your L&D team to create campaign-led content that’s already mapped into learning pathways for you. Powered by over 800 sustainable learning resources, our team of storytellers create titles that push the boundaries, change attitudes and drive meaningful conversations.

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