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Four ways to create a more gender equal workplace

Do your part to improve gender equality starting today.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Four ways to create a more gender equal workplace

Call out stereotypes 

“She’s bossy.” “Let the men carry that.” “Women can’t drive.” Language is powerful and recognising the consequences of gendered language can contribute to change. So, keep an eye out for gender stereotypes in the workplace and speak up when you hear them.

Sometimes not saying anything can be as damaging as the person making the assumption.


Don’t interrupt others, whatever their gender

Are you interrupting a colleague to get clarity? Do you want to become the speaker? Or is it because you might forget what you have to say? Whatever the reason, think twice and make more effort to not interrupt one another.

Try drafting your points on a notepad to come back to later or waiting for the right time for questions. Respect each other’s voice and you’ll avoid any awkward Kanye moments.  

Educate yourself on gender issues

Did you know it’ll take 60 more years to close the gender pay gap? Take some time to learn about important issues and reflect on whether you’ve always been fair and equal in the workplace. 

Know your bias

Awareness is key and knowing your bias is important. Be honest with yourself about stereotypes, even if you’ve never said them out loud before. Admitting a bias is the first step to being more open, objective and honest in the workplace.

Learning and development is a huge part of creating an equal workplace, we have 20 equality and diversity modules in our microlearning catalogue covering topics from gender equality to anti-racism. Want to try them out for yourself? Explore our catalogue and demo our microlearning content for free.

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