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6 steps to a successful LMS to LXP migration

How to get your migration moving.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

6 steps to a successful LMS to LXP migration

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We love this content, in fact we still find it as insightful, brilliant and hilarious as when we first created it. But times have changed and we are more mature, with more features and client problems solved than ever. So we have evolved into a Learning and Skills Platform, to more accurately reflect all of the new features, but don't worry we have kept all of the original THRIVE magic!

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Change can be scary, and deciding to embark on an LMS to LXP migration can be pretty daunting. But if you’re finding your LMS isn’t meeting your training needs, or (even worse) your modern user’s expectations – it’s time to explore something new…

To help you on your way (and prove it’s easier than you think), we’re sharing six simple steps to a seamless LMS to LXP migration, 

1. Soft launch

Run a soft launch with a small but diverse group of learners. This allows you to collect feedback from end-users and track engagement. That way, you will understand any potential roadblocks to making a complete culture shift.

2. Kick-off

Analytics from your pilot will prove you’re going in the right direction and you’re ready to migrate.
Your initial kick off meeting will cover first steps and a strategy for success with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We’ll help you with people planning, ensure you have the right skills and responsibilities in your team and confirm project timelines. 

THRIVE’s LXP implementation usually takes between 8-14 weeks but this will depend on the complexity and customisations of your current LMS.

3. Sitewide review

The next step along your journey is a full site review. Our skilled technicians will perform a site analysis to identify any complex customisations and map out your migration plan.
Our flexible and collaborative approach will help you decide the best way to leverage your new LXP whilst keeping your requirements (and your budget) intact.

4. Data and content migration

Now’s the time for the big stuff. The most valuable assets in your LMS: the content you’ve built up and the data that holds your learner’s progress, compliance activity, rewards and recognition etc. Carry out an audit of what you need to keep and migrate over, then start populating your new LXP. We’ve teamed up with some useful auto curation tools including Anders Pink and Get Abstract to help you populate your platform in seconds.

Are you a Totara LMS user? 

If so, I have some excellent news! 

You can sit back and relax during this step. That’s because we’ve built a converter tool which allows us to automatically transfer all your important content and data to your new LXP at the push of a button. And the best news of all? It’s free to use when you migrate to THRIVE’s LXP.

5. Training and onboarding

Success workshop – We’ll share insight into how you can shift towards a more business-aligned, social and self-directed learning culture. As well as planning for launch, we’ll help you create a buzz that’ll smash your engagement targets.
Engagement workshop – We’ll help you with campaign planning and scope out your next 6 months. You’ll also focus in on the reward and recognition features of your new LXP to configure your engagement strategy and start tracking ROI.
Experience workshop  – Provide the best learner experience. Scope out key journeys, pathways and homepage designs to best suit your needs.

6. Launch

It’s time! With your roll-out plan in place and your learners excited for launch, go live and watch your log-in rates rocket. 

That’s it! Simple. If you have any questions about making the modern transition, we’d love to have a conversation with you

Remember if you have a Totara LMS, take advantage of our free, cutting-edge migration tool, which we built in-house to ensure an effortless, seamless and safe migration process.
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