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8 top tips to create a positive onboarding experience

Help your new starters feel valued, engaged and motivated from day one

Corrie Smith Copywriter

8 top tips to create a positive onboarding experience

They say that first impressions are formed in just 7 seconds and in business, it’s no different. On a new hire’s first day, they will be eager to impress. Likewise, you only have a short space of time to sell the company culture and show them that you are worth working for. 

With an excellent onboarding process in place, you can help to make sure any new hires feel valued, engaged and motivated from the outset. Use it as an opportunity to showcase the very best of what the company has to offer. 

Keep these tips in mind to create a positive onboarding experience for everyone.

1. Ease any nerves

The first day is always a nerve-wracking experience. Do what you can to help break the ice and put the new hire at ease. Whether it’s a friendly joke, offering them a coffee, or telling a funny story, do something to make them feel welcome.

2. Make it personal

Try to build a personal connection with the new hire by asking about their family, their hobbies, or their past experiences. Take a moment to show genuine interest in their life, and recall this information later to show them that you care. It’s essential to foster an inclusive, caring culture from the first day, and this can be a great start.

3. Help them build connections

Whether you’re an HR leader or a colleague of the new hire, introduce yourself with a friendly “hello”. Take the time to introduce them to others on the team, especially those who share common interests, so they can start to build connections.

4. Establish the company culture

Keep it clear what sort of company they’ll be working in. Highlight how vital diversity, inclusion and safeguarding are in the workplace, and show them what’s in place to prioritise this. It’s important to set these expectations for the new hire and let them know that they’re entering a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment. 

5. Put the company’s best foot forward

Make sure other employees are aware when a new hire is starting. Ask everyone to quickly tidy around and make sure the new employee’s workplace is clean and ready for their arrival. You don’t want to create an impression of chaos.

6. Help them integrate

Let them know about any social events, sports teams or community groups they might like to join. Make sure not to place any pressure on them, but let them know they’re welcome and give them a point of contact if they’re interested. 

7. Be on hand and prompt

During the onboarding process, your new colleague might have lots of questions. If you don’t have the answers right away, keep them posted about how you’re finding out. Be prompt to any meetings with them and keep them in the loop about any processes they are going through. 

8. Above all, make it warm

More than anything, it’s crucial that your company is warm, welcoming and friendly. Professionalism is important, but you need to ensure your new employee feels comfortable. Make it clear who they can speak to, who is there to help, and where they can turn for any advice. 

It is everyone’s duty to create a welcoming and positive onboarding experience for all new hires. Remember that first impressions aren't easy to change!

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