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Agile microlearning: An interview with content partners Go1

Highlights from Go1’s podcast with Emma Layton and Ollie Browning.

Richard Bailey Marketing Executive

Agile microlearning: An interview with content partners Go1

THRIVE’s Emma Layton, recently caught up with Ollie Browning from Go1 for their brilliant podcast to discuss agile L&D and explore the intuitive ways our clients have been using our microlearning catalogue.Here are some of the highlights…

What was the thought process behind the design of the microlearning content?

We wanted to hold on to what people liked about bespoke content and include some of those high end elements like graphic design and media to keep it streamlined and powerful.

How can L&D be more agile?

Don’t be afraid to try things out and see how they land with your learners. Particularly in microlearning. Even if your learners don’t like a certain module, you’ve got that data and feedback for further reference.

How does THRIVE’s microlearning catalogue differ from others on the market?

At THRIVE we think about the bigger picture when it comes to “true microlearning.” Lots of other providers use this term but only apply it to a single piece of content whereas we apply it to learner journeys and how you can use the content in pathways.

How are THRIVE’s clients using the microlearning catalogue?

We helped DECIEM create a leadership programme pathway for their young leaders where they combined UGC content from their own people with THRIVE microlearning leadership content with hosted Q&A sessions afterwards.

GVC wanted to react quickly when the pandemic first hit to support their learners through this time and they did a lockdown bundle. We worked with them to provide them with relevant content to include in their pathway.

What are the mistakes people make when choosing learning?

People tend to just look at what topics a catalogue covers, or how many resources they have, rather than how the content is created, where it comes from or what it’s motivated by.

Do L&D teams have an understanding of engagement?

A lot of it is common sense. Ask your learners what they like and use that data to your advantage when deciding what content to provide. Another thing to consider is what’s appropriate and what’s going to solve the learner’s problems.

What was the process behind THRIVE’s microlearning catalogue pricing?

Every THRIVE microlearning module is different. No resource is the same. We felt that if you can get to the core of what that content is then we could really reduce the price and deliver it in a more accessible way.

Interested in making microlearning part of your training offering? Brilliant businesses like Nando’s and Ubisoft have been using our  microlearning catalogue to drive real change in their organisation. Follow in their footsteps by booking yourself a demo here.

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