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4 reasons why connected businesses THRIVE

How do you bring your company closer when you’re not in the same office?

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

Four reasons why connected businesses THRIVE

Did you know 74% of employees have the feeling they’re missing out on company news? Poor internal comms can lead to a disengaged workforce, after all no one wants to be the last one to hear an important company announcement.

On the flip side we know connected companies with clear communication strategies can positively impact a range of benefits including company culture, retention and productivity. The evidence is in the numbers; employee productivity increases by 20%-25% in organisations where employees are well connected.

But how do you bring your company closer when you’re not in the same office?

With mandatory working from home, remote hires and dispersed workforces, a digital space for collaboration, communication and community building has become essential for businesses to thrive. Here are four reasons why.

Give your employees a voice

Leaders who trust their employees and give them the space to share ideas and knowledge can drive better decision making and increase knowledge sharing across the business.

Think about that person in the team who makes you think “if they left tomorrow, we’d be screwed.” A Learning & Skills Platform like THRIVE protects you. You’ll already have their knowledge captured and shared with anyone who needs it, not locked up in silos.

When it comes to decision making you can use THRIVE to understand thoughts and ideas. Take your Christmas party for example, you can post a question asking if anyone wants to contribute a new idea or ask them to discuss which party option is their favourite. By giving employees this voice it helps the entire team feel directly involved in the decisions they care about.

Better collaboration 

Break down silos and remove the barriers between employees, departments, and locations. Using a learning and communication platform that connects people leads to increased innovation and better working together.

THRIVE creates connections between employees regardless of what department they’re in or where they’re based. Jack Wardlaw, Education Manager at DECIEM shared what he loves most about the platform: 

“The best part about THRIVE is the ability to connect with the whole company across the globe. DECIEM has grown massively over the last couple of years and it’s been amazing to see and be a part of what’s going on in all the different locations.”

In this way, you can connect both office-based and frontline workers on the same platform, creating a sense of belonging to one company rather than a series of siloed functions. 

Company culture, mental health and wellness

Relationships are incredibly important to mental health and a connected company can lead to an improvement in employee wellbeing and therefore an increase in employee retention too. 

Since working from home, we’ve used THRIVE to stay in touch with colleagues by sharing and discussing different topics such as our work from home buddies aka pets, quirky desk setups and even a virtual pub lunch to get the whole company together. 

Motivation & updates from business leaders

One of the biggest challenges for organisations, especially in this remote working world, is being able to effectively share accurate updates with employees. THRIVE helps business leaders communicate critical information with their entire company or if needed, specific audience groups. 

Simply using user generated content, companies like DECIEM can push out authentic messages at the click of a button, for example, the measures they’re taking to protect their employees from the spread of Covid-19 and their organisation can discuss it or ask questions. Nicola Kilner, CEO at DECIEM commented: 

It’s times like these we need to stick together. THRIVE gives us the tools to do that. I don’t know what we would have done without it!”

Ready to get connected? 

Many savvy organisations including AO, Sky and Brakes Foodservice are already using THRIVE’s built-in comms tool to share important updates, maintain a strong company culture and stay connected with a global workforce. 

If you want to find out more about how THRIVE can bring your company together, build a community and encourage better collaboration, speak to a member of our team.

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