How to celebrate Pride Month in the workplace

Five fun ways to celebrating Pride Month in your organisation

Richard Bailey Marketing Executive

How to celebrate Pride Month in the workplace

Pride Month is well underway where the world’s LGBTQ+ communities are coming together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves, promote equality and diversity, and raise awareness of the social issues we still face today.

85% of millennials believe making a positive difference in the world is more important than professional recognition so it’s no wonder more and more organisations are celebrating Pride Month. Companies are incorporating rainbows in their logos, sharing resources, and internally promoting Pride in the workplace, so how can your organisation get involved? 

Decorate your office 

If you’re back in the office, hang some rainbow banners that will not just celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, but also take a stand for equality and diversity. A visual representation of your support will help your LGBTQ+ colleagues feel represented, not to mention it will give your office a vibrant glow.

Love it or hate it, most of us are on Zoom. So why not celebrate with a Pride Month background? Cosmopolitan magazine has shared some cool ideas here that you can download and add some swag to your next Zoom meeting.

Inclusion workshop

Hosting an inclusion workshop or training session that teaches your teams about Pride Month, discrimination and equality and diversity in the workplace can go a long way to boost your organisation’s position on inclusivity. You can build hype on your learning platform by sharing any upfront learning, collate questions for the session, and share resources in the weeks leading up to the event.

If you have a tool on your learning platform like our broadcasts feature on THRIVE, a built-in live video tool that lets you connect with your learners in real-time then you’re in for a memorable session.  It allows for audience participation with polls, Q&As and live reactions to engage your learners. The broadcast will automatically record too, so anyone that missed it can easily catch up in their own time.

Pride playlist

Listening to the same music as others in your organisation helps you feel more connected, or if you’re in the office, it can give you energy and make you more productive. Get suggestions from everyone and compile a list of music by LGBTQ+ allies and icons like this example on spotify, share it with your teams and get in the Pride Month spirit.

Add pronouns to your email signature

Just like our names, our pronouns are part of our identity. They're an important part of who we are and how we're seen by other people. Adding your pronouns to your email signature is a quick and easy way to show you’re an LGBTQ+ ally and this is a great inclusive practice for everyone to get involved in. 

Check out this free resource that uncovers the importance of pronouns and what to do if you make a mistake. At best, a mix-up can be awkward or embarrassing. But being mis-gendered can also cause a lot of hurt.

Share our equality and diversity resources 

We’re sharing a handful of equality and diversity resources this month completely free to encourage an inclusive culture in organisations everywhere, our busy team of content creators have created a gender identity resource that covers key terms, why it’s important to be aware of them, and how we can create a more inclusive work culture. 

Download them all here and supercharge your Pride Month campaign.

Want to see even more of our amazing content? These resources make up over 500+ different titles in our Content Club. Check out the full list of titles and preview even more modules for yourself. 

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