ICYMI : Data Demystified

Despondent with your data or don’t even know where to start? As always, THRIVE’s got your back! Check out our Data Demystified video series to get the lowdown on what really matters when it comes to learning data.

Matt Bristow

Matt Bristow Digital Marketing Specialist

How to create a measurable data strategy for L&D

ICYMI we have been posting multiple episodes to our LinkedIn page of our brand new Data Demystified video series. Uncover exactly what you should prioritise when embarking on your data journey, what common pitfalls for organisations are, how to keep costs low and what stakeholders to involve in your data strategy.

Let’s get started!

Episode one - Introducing the Data Lab!

  • Our rave-organising, ski-instructing Head of Analytics Ian is here to help you organise what really matters when it comes to starting your journey with learning data.
  • Our Data Lab team of analysts are on hand to help you measure the real impact of the training you deliver, and help L&D earn a seat at the table.

Episode two - Keepin’ it simple and collaborative

  • Don’t work in a silo and make sure you are collaborating with the wider team!
  • Frame problems you are trying to solve first, don’t start collecting data just to collect data.
  • Identify the big three : What do we want? What problem are we trying to solve? How do we measure success?
  • Keep 👏 it 👏 simple 👏

Episode three - Planning, processes and people

  • Proper planning makes everything easier and more efficient.
  • Involve people who are directly involved with the outcomes of your data dive, not just senior level executives.
  • Identify a process for handling data to ensure you don’t get stuck with loads of data and no way to properly store or process it.
  • Invest in a service or analyst that can help you make the most of your data 
  • Attitude is everything 😎 Foster an experimental mindset across your organisation for the best possible results.

Episode four - Compliance case studies are boring!

  • Be clear on who the data is going to affect. Is it your frontline staff? Is it management? Is it admin? Identify the core stakeholders (not just traditional stakeholders) and get them to collaborate on the project to ensure success.
  • When it comes to applying for awards, stop thinking compliance is exciting 😴.
  • Start your data journey and let the award submissions become apparent to you. Don’t scatter gun your approach to awards, pick ones that are really applicable to what you are trying to do with your data.

Episode five - Demystifying common data stereotypes

  • If you start the process thinking everything will take too long, then it’s going to feel like it’s taking too long! The secret key here is getting organisational buy in across the board. Once people see how impactful data can be, the process will inevitably become quicker.
  • In an ideal world, every team would have their own data analyst. But we know that’s not possible and that’s why we created the Data Lab, to help teams start using and collecting data effectively without having to hire, train and onboard new starters.
  • You don’t need a stats background to be successful ❌ Whilst we do recommend bringing in a team like the Data Lab, it’s more an organisational mindset shift than anything else.
  • Some of the biggest issues we have seen in adopting a data led strategy have come from teams that invest in the most expensive equipment and platforms before identifying the core problem they want to solve! By identifying exactly what you want, you can cut your costs on technology drastically.

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