Do more than deliver training - New THRIVE LXP features!

We launched our biggest release of the year. Say hello to broadcasts, learning analytics, browser extension and more.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

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With the nation going back into lockdown, now more than ever your LMS needs to do more than just deliver training... 

Say hello to broadcasts - A brand new tool to bring companies together and get important messages out to employees wherever they're working. But that’s not all. Gone are the days of annual releases, we release new LXP features as soon as they’re ready. That’s why we’re launching a range of new features at once - you lucky lot!

Bring your company together with broadcasts

With the UK in lockdown again, learning and communication tools are going to be more important than ever to keep people up to date and engaged working from home. 

Live video is the most effective and authentic way to communicate updates, company news and announcements to employees wherever they’re working and that’s exactly what our new LXP feature does.

Say hello to broadcasts; a built-in live video streaming tool that allows business leaders to connect with their entire organsiation in real time. 

L&D teams are able to create, schedule and manage live events all in one place. Our new feature will enable leaders and learners to engage a specific audience group or every employee at once. It also includes a range of tools such as polls, Q&As and live chat to get instant feedback, drive social interactivity and encourage connectivity at a time of isolation and remote working. 

The best bit? THRIVE LXP will automatically record and save the broadcast to your learning platform, so it can be tagged, searched, downloaded and recommended like every other piece of content on your LXP.

Surface LXP knowledge with our browser extension 

Our new browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge helps L&D teams facilitate the innate way we learn in the flow of work. 

You can now surface internal knowledge from your learning platform when using search engines like Google. This helps L&D teams drive traffic and engagement to relevant learning resources that answer specific search queries, even when those searches are made outside of your LXP!

Learners can also share any web link directly to THRIVE LXP without leaving the webpage they're on, this provides a seamless user experience and encourages even more user generated content. 

Lastly, the browser extension gives learners the opportunity to log learning and development hours completed outside their platform within THRIVE LXP too. 

Learning analytics - Data doesn’t have to be scary!

We’re launching a brand new learning analytics suite that will help L&D teams make data-driven decisions through easy to understand visual data. This new feature will help you better understand your people, evolve your learning strategy and easily measure performance. 

It includes heatmaps to showcase user behaviour including what time and day your learners are most engaged as well as your platforms reach and how many learners are active. 

You’ll also get a deeper insight into content engagement, so you can explore average content interactions and views over time, all whilst filtering by audience, tag or date range. 

Not only will this help L&D teams save time and reduce administration but it means no more manipulating reports, THRIVE LXP does all the work for you. 

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams is the workplace instant messaging tool that helps teams collaborate and share information. Since the COVID19 pandemic hit and businesses turned to remote working, Fosway research found 84% of L&D leaders believe it's more important than ever to integrate digital learning into corporate collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.

We teamed up with Teams to help users and admins share learning content from THRIVE straight to the relevant groups in Microsoft Teams. This is done by syncing audiences up on both platforms allowing users to learn in the flow of work and receive notifications, content and information in a familiar setting.

LinkedIn Learning auto curation

One of the latest content integration releases for THRIVE LXP is auto curation with LinkedIn Learning. It’s the first-ever learning experience platform to have LinkedIn Learning content seamlessly embed and play within the window of their LXP, giving all our learners the best possible user experience.

Admins can choose the topic area they want and automatically pull in content from LinkedIn Learning that’s relevant to that subject. Easy as that! 

Have these new features got you thinking about how your organisation could benefit from a learning platform like THRIVE LXP? Get yourself a free demo, experience its power and see these features in action. 

170+ microlearning modules 

We've also added a further 25 modules to our microlearning catalogue which cover topics such as food safety, sales, mental health and communication. This takes our off the shelf catalogue to over 170 modules in total which all come packaged with every THRIVE LXP. 

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