Steps to start a new job during a pandemic

Seven things that make onboarding at home easier.

Rachel King Customer Success Manager

Steps to start a new job during a pandemic

I was very lucky to be offered a new and exciting job during the pandemic. Starting somewhere new can be nerve racking at the best of times but there are certainly more nerves when the entire interview process is virtual, I hadn’t met the team in person and the majority of my on-boarding experience was virtual too. 

According to the ONS in April 46.6% of people were working from home, and this is most likely to be on the rise. If you find yourself starting a new job remotely then here are some tips to help you succeed.

Introduce yourself

The wider team wants to meet you as much as you want to meet them. In more ‘normal’ circumstances you would go to the office on your first day and have the opportunity to meet plenty of people. Things are different so think of an innovative way to introduce yourself to fellow colleagues. Here at THRIVE, new starters post a welcome video to our internal LXP. 

Meet and greet

Now you have introduced yourself, it’s time to meet all the departments within the business. It is important to find out how departments work together, how they fit into the wider picture and what they do. 

See if you can source a list of key stakeholders and team members and then book in virtual meet and greets with all the different departments. On the call make sure you ask questions about their roles, the projects they’re working on, maybe even their interests and hobbies but also share a bit about the work you’ll be doing. 

Find out the experts

In an office environment, you would quickly work out who to turn to to help you submit your expenses or who to ask to help you with a technical question. Virtually this can be a little more tricky so ensure you find out who the experts are and who you should turn to first to help you. This is also a great feature of THRIVE LXP where you can assign experts to pieces of content or have a people section as a component on your homepage. 

Be curious

One of the values here at THRIVE is to be curious. Adapt this mindset when starting your new role; ask as many questions as you want and remember no question is a stupid one. THRIVE LXP allows users to ask questions to everyone or a group of users, you never know someone else may have the same question as you but too scared to ask it!

Find out how to communicate & the technologies/tools used

In this virtual working environment the way people communicate may have changed, and it’s important to find out how everyone stays connected so you know whether to monitor your emails, MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp or another form of communication. 

Also start using the tools that you will be using for your day to day job, some you may have used before, others you may not. Watch videos on how to navigate or read some guides, THRIVE LXP is great for hosting ‘how to’ guides in many formats. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself

You are new to the role, the company, the processes and won’t be expected to get things right the first time, don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. This is also something we promote at THRIVE, especially when creating videos. 

Videos are a popular type of content but some people may be nervous or it might not come naturally, the best piece of advice is that your video doesn’t have to be perfect.  We also share this tip with our customers when they’re trying to promote UGC (user generated content), it’s effectiveness lies within its raw authenticity. 

Have fun

And lastly, make sure you still have fun, work should be fun, just like learning should be as well. 

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