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Why supporting your employees goes beyond the workplace

How creating learning campaigns can help drive connections at work.

Helen Marshall Chief Learning Officer

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How can L&D help support employees?

Campaign-led learning runs deeper than the odd awareness day for companies. Campaigns can help individuals to feel connected, supported and - most importantly - valued as employees. Ultimately, campaigns are the bees knees, but don’t just take our word for it. Read on.

The great resignation is a term that’s been bandied about over the past year or so. The working world has changed and people are reconsidering what they value most in life, and that’s a balance between their own personal goals, business objectives and life outside of work.

Gartner recently re-labelled this to ‘the great reflection’ because their research shows people are considering a lot more than their work, they’re questioning their own impact on society, their physical location and their very purpose at work.

Laysha Ward flipped this idea on its head and suggested that modern employers should be looking at how they can support employees to feel better about these larger scale decisions. The great reconnection. 

Employers should be looking at ways to rebuild connection and trust rather than focusing solely on the problem of people leaving their businesses. This idea extends into the impact of socio-economic implants outside the workplace too. The cost of living crisis, climate change, pandemics… they all add to a sense of anxiety many are feeling.

This is where campaign-driven content comes into play, helping businesses to take a step towards connecting in the right ways, at the right times, to truly help support their people - beyond the standard perks many businesses supply (discount codes, free coffee, gym memberships etc.).

How does campaign-driven content help foster connections between employees?

Sky understand this better than most, and target their campaigns depending on which audience you fall into (a clever feature on our platform which helps you target content and comms to the right people). This feature allows customers like Sky to have multiple campaigns running at once, so depending on what’s important to select groups of people, they’re able to target content more effectively. This is ideal for organisations who have a breadth and depth as wide as Sky.

The other wonderful thing about campaigns is that they can shed light on topics that were previously in the dark in the workplace: menopause, periods, death, life changes, men’s health, trans awareness, financial wellbeing… the list goes on.

What are some examples of learning campaigns that increased connection and awareness?

Let’s take an example. In October, one of the UK’s largest fashion retailers, Matalan, set up a campaign for menopause awareness month. This campaign wasn’t a one stop shop of content delivery, it had a clear purpose and vision, to not only raise awareness and out this important topics into focus, but to establish and encourage meaningful conversations.

To achieve this they used a range of resources from our Content Club, additional internal resources and set up drop-in sessions, and webinars to keep the conversation going. Content was released via our platform using the campaigns feature, but the events were also set up and promoted through the platform, leading a really coherent approach on comms to this important topic.

The results? Over 3,000 engagements, people sharing, commenting, liking and generally ‘talking’ or thinking about menopause. How many of those people would have done that prior to this campaign? There was no data to share, so moving from a point where no data can be collected around this important topic to a moment where the benchmark has been set in such an incredible way is brilliant.

Talent International pointed out that: “When leaders adopt a human-centred view of business that highlights a culture of trust, respect, and compassion, the wellbeing of individuals and the business’ bottom line both benefit.”

What better way to do this than with content that truly supports your people?

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