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The best sites to compare learning tech

Choosing a new learning platform? There’s a lot of BS out there when it comes to industry “experts”, so here are the best learning tech comparison sites you can trust.

Cassie Gasson Chief Marketing Officer

I can't choose one. Well, you kind of have to.

A big problem with analysts who compare learning tech is that they aren’t real users, and are often paid to review the tech, obviously skewing their perception of the platform. What you really need to make an informed decision is the opinion of actual end users. No analyst will ever have the insight that someone who uses the platform day in and day out has. That's why we compiled a list of the best sites where you can get verified reviews from real users, rather than relying on analyst's opinion.


Venndorly is a perfect example of a review site focused on getting real user feedback. Specialised for the HR industry, you can find reviews from real users of HR, talent management and learning tech. Venndorly also offers a really cool feature where you can post your RFP, making the whole process of finding and selecting the right provider much easier and less time consuming.


Another user-led platform, G2 isn’t just specific to the learning tech industry and actually boasts an impressive 1,824,400+ reviews of platforms ranging from expense management to CRMs and of course, learning technology. A really nice aspect of G2 is that users can actually rate specific features of the platform, meaning you can see through what the provider claims about their features, and actually see how users rate and use them.


Another behemoth review platform, Capterra has 1,170,000 reviews on a tonne of different platforms over 810 different categories. 100% free to use, Capterra offers the ability for users to compare vendors side-by-side, which is especially useful for comparing pricing. 

It also includes super clear feature lists and breaks down reviews into really helpful sections like “Ease of Use” and “Customer Service” so you can see how different vendors stack up in different areas of the customer journey.

Software Advice

Another member of the Gartner Digital Markets family of products that includes Capterra, Software Advice excels at saving software searchers time, having helped over 800,000 people find the software they need. As with Capterra, pricing is super easy to see on Software Advice and reviews are super in depth whilst including cool features like showing how often and how long the reviewer has used the software for, so you can trust the reviews are coming from people who use the platform day in and day out.


The final member of the Gartner family to make this list, GetApp is a site focused on helping small businesses find the right software. Listing available languages and full feature lists, GetApp is a much more lightweight solution than the others on this list with a great UI and is perfect for quickly finding lists of providers and discovering the tech landscape in whatever category you are searching for.

If you are interested in why we don’t believe analysts are worth your time, check out my opinion piece or hear what our CEO has to say on the matter. If you’re a current THRIVE customer and want to make our day, then please give us a review on Venndorly, G2 or Capterra, so others can learn about us from real users!

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